Trees are celebrating

It’s Sunday! Most Sundays in Holland are grey! I don’t know why, but it’s true. It’s kind of weird that they call it “Sunday” but perhaps in most parts of the world the sun actually shines on this day. In the Netherlands, if the sun shines on this last day of the week, many people in the west of Holland spontaneously go to the beach. We know this quite well, because we used to live right next to the beach for three years.

Coloured leaves
But this Sunday is not particularly sunny, so we drove to a place called Elswout that I became familiar with because of a wedding report that I did last summer.
It’s a beautiful park/forest between Haarlem and Zandvoort. The trees are celebrating Autumn with their beautiful coloured leaves. I Chu and I walked through this celebration of nature, while deeply breathing in the delicious forest air.

It’s really romantic and made us feel great! Because Sundays in Holland are not so sunny, we have to find other ways to make it a “sunny” day. And today we succeeded!


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