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Happy New Year @ London 2010-2011

I never went to so many places in the world in one year as this year. I started in London to celebrate New Year with my wife and one of my best friends.

La Palma, Spain, March 2011

La Palma, Spain, March 2011

La Palma, Spain, March 2011

Beautiful La Palma
Then I went to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to! The island of La Palma (Spain) was a paradise to us! The nice weather, the beautiful nature and the black volcanic beaches are spectacular. The food is nice and the locals are friendly. The main reason of our holiday was to enjoy each other’s company and of course the beautiful walks, for which the island is ‘made’. Most people think it’s an island for old people, but that’s just nonsense.

Chicago, USA, April-May 2011

Columbus, USA, North High Street, April-May 2011

Terschelling, Holland, May 2011

USA and Terschelling
After a week of walking on La Palma, I went to Ohio (USA) for three weeks. I was there with a bunch of new colleagues for a business course at the start of our new job at Sogeti. We did some projects at the University of Athens, Ohio. In the weekends, we were free to go. We rented a car and went to Chicago for the jazz and the good life. And to Columbus for partying and awesome shopping at North High Street. Sometimes it was difficult too, because I missed my wife. Thank you, the founder of Skype! After this trip, my wife and I decided to celebrate our love (read: our wedding) this year. But before we went on honeymoon, we had organized a long weekend on the beautiful Dutch island Terschelling. If you know the game Uno, you’ll understand that we had an awesome time by playing this till late into the night.

Vienna, Austria, September 2011

Tirol, Austria, September 2011

Tirol, Austria, September 2011

Courmayeur, Italy, September 2011

Courmayeur, Italy, September 2011

Moneglia, Italy, September 2011

Austria and Italy
For our honeymoon, we drove to Vienna (Austria) by car, where a friend of mine works in an extremely luxurious hotel (Sofitel). She  arranged a perfect beginning of our trip by giving us one of the most beautiful rooms you can ever dream of. We spent five days to discover the city, the food, (too much) champagne and the city life of Vienna. After that, we went to Tirol and Italy (Firenze, Cinque Terre and Courmayeur) for family visits, the beach and long distance walks near the Mont Blanc. It was a beautiful trip, which I will never forget.

Visum China in the pocket

Today was my last work day at Rabobank, where I am doing an implementation job via Sogeti. Tomorrow, I will fly to China with one of my best friends. It will be my last trip of this year! We are going to visit two dear Dutch friends who moved to Beijing a few months ago. Unfortunately, my ‘husbunny’ can’t come with me, but I am sure that we will have a great time! We are planning to go to Beijing first, and then to Shanghai. In my next blogposts, I will write about our adventures. We already have many ideas about where we will go next year, but that’s a bit too far away to write about now!


2 thoughts on “Write about now!

  1. Nice!, sounds like u had a ripper year…and a bit of travelers disease … U go Nathan! Cant wait to hear of ur china adventures!

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