Eating scorpions (Beijing day #2)

We started this morning with a simple but nice dumpling breakfast/lunch with Jeroen and Hiu. Jeroen ordered four different dumpling dishes. Two vegetarian and two with pork. I tried them all and they tasted delicious!

798 Art District
It’s Sunday, art day. We are modern people with a taste for modern art. Besides that, we like empty factories that are perfect for parties, pictures and art. In Beijing, you have a spot where those ingredients come together: 798 Art District! We went by taxi of course!

Cute dancing staff
After our meal, we walked to the main street to catch a taxi. While walking through the streets, we heard loud Chinese dance music! And then, at a crossing, we saw a barber shop. In front of it, on the sidewalk, the cute staff was dancing, following the moves of their enthousiastic manager. Check the movie…

Photographer: Xu Yong | Model: Yu Na | Concept: Solution Scheme

Photographer: Xu Yong | Model: Yu Na | Concept: Solution Scheme

Artist: Ai Weiwei

Artist: Ai Weiwei

One of the buildings in 798 art district

‘Àn lǎbā’
After this happy start of our afternoon, we walked to the galleries of the art district, half an hour later. The place has changed since the last time I visited. It’s a lot more popular, more design and bigger. The public is young and interested in the art. We saw some great pictures and weird paintings. The buildings themselves were very cool to check out too! After walking around for some hours, we crashed at a nice cafe to drink coffee and eat carrot or cheesecake. The time went by quickly! Just enough time to go to the Tiananmen square. On our way, we had a good laugh with our taxi driver. Peter and I learned the word ‘Àn lǎbā’ which stands for honking. Driving in Beijing is accepting the chaos of traffic jams.

Eating Scorpion
The last part to the famous square, we travelled by Underground. After shooting some pictures, we moved to the expensive Wangfujing Dajie. There you also have a touristic night market, where Peter tried deep fried scorpion on a stick. I think it’s disgusting, but Peter said it was okay! His other choices were snake, seahorses, beetles or other freaky stuff. In the end, we tasted cooked crab snacks. This really gave us an appetite.

Best Sushi of Beijing
We took the cab to the expensive sushi restaurant, Hatsune at Sanlitin village south 3rd floor, Sunlitun Road, Chaoyamg District, where Hiu Ying made a reservation. We were a little too early and decided to do some small shopping in the new malls close to our dinner place. After some serious bargaining, I bought an awesome novelty clock!

Sushi time! It was great! We spent  ¥ 210,- per person (a lot of money for Chinese standards). The dishes had names like Lumdimsum, Megatron and Rainbow roll. The size of the sushi called: King Kong was immense. The ‘Foeie’ told us to put an entire slice in our mouths at once. We did and it was hard to say ‘ChubbyBunny’ with your cheeks filled with the monster monkey sushi. What a great evening.

Midnight drinks at Smushi
To finish the day, we drank some spicy, minty, cointreau hot chocolate and Latte. Cheers on a funny sunny sunday!


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