Cycling on roads of chaos (Beijing day #3)

Lazy Monday started around 11 o’clock. Together with Jeroen, Peter and I went out for breakfast. We went to a Japanese curry place (curry house Coco) for breakfast. The restaurant was located under an expensive western shoppingmall. The prices for a hot meal are around 2,5 euro per person. You choose a dish and decide how much rice and spice you like to have. Hiu Ying and a colleague from the Dutch embassy joined us a few moments later. The food was okay.
Peking University
After breakfast, Peter and I took the underground to Summerpalace. The views were not as beautiful as during summertime, but it was a very relaxing walk. After one hour, we arrived at the same place we started. That was’t really the idea of the walk we had in mind, but now we had time for some other exploring.


We decided to walk to the next underground station (from Yuanmingyuan to East Gate of Peking University). During the walk, we bought a sticky cake with nuts and raisins. We thought it was the ‘spongebob’ cake you can get in Chinese restaurants. The food was massive and Peter and I couldn’t finish it! We think it is a good winter snack!








After half an hour, we stood in front of one of the gates of Beijing University. It’s quite a big area, actually it is a campus. We even saw big outdoor swimming pools and a huge park. We saw some students taking class and also a man who was peeing, gross!

USB-Sticks at Zhongguancun (Silicon valley) | 中关村

Silicon valley
It was getting dark and the metro station was far away. After walking alongside a boring buzzy road, we thought we were lost. We tried to take a taxi, but it was rush hour. We started walking again and then we bumped into the metro station we were looking for! We took the underground to Zhongguancun. Hiu Ying calls it Silicon valley. It’s a huge shopping area where you can buy all the electric products you want. From phones to TVs and from laptops to headphones. Peter and I bought a lot of funny USB-sticks as souvenirs. Of course we haggled for a good price!
This time we got lost in the shopping mall. It is so big that you can walk there for hours without seeing an exit. Besides that, the heating is so hot that you easily can walk there in your swimming suit.
Hiu Ying and Jeroen picked us up with their bikes from Sanyuanqiao metro station. After some cycling on roads of chaos and madness, we arrived at restaurant ‘Fanque Huoguo’ (tomato hotpot). The food was awesome and we had a good time talking about our adventures and our plans for the next day.

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