15 Euro drinks in Beijing (Day #4)

Nathan Vennekens with Laura Jansen

Yawn! I am looking at the fancy clock which switches from time, to temperature and date. Wow this is our fourth day in Beijing already! The temperature is still 23 degrees (indoors) like last days but the time says: almost 12:00! This is holiday like it should be but we realise that we have to go outside to do some more sightseeing!

After a quick lunch with Jeroen, halal food around the corner, we walked to the closest metrostation. The food was nothing special this time. While eating we talked about the pros and cons of China in the context of living here. Although we are in China we still follow the Ajax and Cruijff soap and had a good laugh about it.




The subway takes us to Guomao. Actually we better could have stopped one station futher (Shuangjing) to visit the new CCTV building, designed by Rem Koolhaas. The building looks awesome. I thought that you can go inside. After walking around an enormous fence we found the employees’ entrance. Unfortunately for us you need to have a pass to enter it. Full of energy we walked further around the construction site looking for a tourist entrance.


Chocolate pie
During the walk we passed sporty elderly people who did exercises at a free outdoor gym. We took a coffee and ate pastries at a bakery located in the basement of an office building. The attention of the curious staff was more fun than the coffee.

With our bellies full with chocolate pie we continued our walk around the impressive and fascinating CCTV building. When we arrived at the same corner we started at, we were a little disappointed. We had not found any gate or door to enter the building.

China World Summit Wing | 酒廊

Sky high
It was too late to go to the tea market we planned to go to. As practiced explorers we found a plan B. Near the CCTV building there is the ‘China World Summit Wing. We went inside and asked the reception if our hunch was correct! And it was! At the 80th floor of the building there is a lounge (named: The lounge). When we entered the elevators we looked to eachother. This is some high class fancy spot!

China World Summit Wing | 酒廊


The views are stunning! Even at the bathroom. We ordered two expensive Majestic cognac (15 euro per glass) and saw the day turning into evening. In the background a girl was playing the piano while outside a circus of lights splashed from the cars and buildings below us. It is beautiful!

Opening Act: TBD

Laura Jansen

Concert: Laura Jansen
We slowly woke up out of our comfortable window seats to have dinner with our friends. The place was nothing special but the food was great! We had vegetable and noodle dishes with soup and a sort of bread. So yummy! After this good food experience we walked to Yugong Yishan where we attended a concert of Laura Jansen. She told us (the audience, mostly Chinese) it was her first performance in China. We loved her intimate show, she rocks!


Hiu Ying Lau and Laura Jansen

Jeroen Groenewegen with Wouter Rentema (Drummer Laura Jansen)

Signed CD
After the concert we had the chance to buy her CD and to get it signed. We even talked with her and made a picture with her. I convinced Jeroen to take a picture with the drummer of the band (Wouter). They chit-chatted a little about the music and concerts in China. Then it is time to call it a day!

2 gedachten over “15 Euro drinks in Beijing (Day #4)

  1. Vet cool man! met Laura Jansen op de foto en een concert!! had ik wel bij willen zijn..
    Ik ik kom volgend jaar weer eens langs (heb het nu nog te druk), dan wil ik ook nog wel een paar china foto’s vanje hebben voor in ons restaurant!!

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