Rufus the Pufus

x-ray picture of a cat

X-ray of Rufus

Rufus is one of our two cats. We got him from an animal shelter. They told us that he was so cuddly, really to die for. However, when he stepped into our place, he sneaked around in our house like the enemy was everywhere. I never saw a cat as afraid as Rufus. His hair was rough and his eyes as big as marbles. Besides that, our other cat (‘little princess’ Poekie) didn’t like our new housemate at all. After quite a few weeks, nothing really changed, but we noticed that this fluffy fellow really loves food! 

Initially, when someone would ring our doorbell, Rufus ducked away in panick, and would bang his head against doors, chairs or tables (not on purpose) while he was on his way to a dark, safe spot. Rufus is incredibly stupid (in a funny way) and he walks in a clumsy way. We didn’t know how to comfort the cat and decided to just give it some time. If it didn’t work out, we could take the decision to bring him back.

Cat sleeping on the couch

Forced to give love
We named our cat Rufus, because he reminds me to an animated character created by the great artist Raoul Deleo. Rufus is a very happy, clumsy animated figure. When our cat Rufus is happy, he moves his tale like it’s electric. After three years, Rufus still lives in our place and he has become a great cat for us. His hair is soft now, and he loves to be pet. We are very happy with him, but unfortunately Rufus is not very healthy. Because of his (unknown) age and perhaps a stressed life in his (unknown) past, he has a weak stomach and hart. This year, we were very concerned and once, we even went to the animal emergency aid in the middle of the night. We were told that Rufus had a lot of pain because of his bad teeth. They needed to be operatively removed. Now, Rufus no longer has any teeth, but cats normally don’t chew on their food. Well, at least that’s what the vet told us. Rufus doesn’t have pains anymore and now he wants more hugs than ever before. Even our friends are kindly ‘forced’ by Rufus to give their love to him.

Cat gets infusion

Every morning, I call to him when I serve his food: “Rufus the pufus”. He immediately comes, nuzzling and rubbing his head against my legs. He is the sweetest cat you can imagine. A few days ago, Rufus had stomach problems (again) and I went to the vet (again). She took some pictures and gave him some medicine boosts. While I am writing this, Rufus is sitting next to me on the couch, satisfied and begging for yet another hug.

stretching cat

Princess Poekie


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