Arty carpentry factory

People in front of pink wall

What to do between Christmas and New Year if you have some days off? Visiting an old factory of course! Early in the morning, I drove to the south of the Netherlands. I picked up my parents and together, in a traffic jam full with sales hunters, we tried to get into Maastricht. With my impressive driving skills, I squeezed my car between two parked cars and left the car via the narrow doorway.

Machine gun

Nazi Milk, 1971 | Mike Mills

Art from Andy Warhol

Electric Chairs, 1971 | Andy Warhol

Flash art

Playing with light

Andy Warhol
I love industrial buildings that are renovated for the purpose of exhibitions, or for living. “Timmerfabriek” (Carpentry factory) is an old factory of pottery brand Sphinx. In the future, they want to be the cultural heart of museum Belvédère. For now, I think you can compare it with MOMA in New York, but then the very underground version. Now they have the international exhibition ‘Out of Storage’ including collections from FRAC (Nord-pas de Calais) with, for example, work from Andy Warhol and Mike Mills.


With the many art in my mind, I got inspired to create a small stop-motion movie about my parents that day.


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