Getting floored by a young girl

Koek en Zopie board

The first cold wave in Holland is a fact. I no longer believed that there would be a period of freezing cold weather this winter. After all the wet and autumn-like winter days, mixed with the first signs of spring, it all changed this week. Record-breaking temperatures (till 22,9 degrees Celsius below zero) and a snow front of last Friday (3 February) turned our small country into winter wonderland.

Broek in Waterland Nature

I don’t like the cold at all! My fingers then feel like they’re freezing off and my sweet pumpkin complains when I try to warm my cold feet against her body. This is also a time in which many people are frustrated if they cannot get home due to the chaos on the Dutch railways (NS = Nederlandse Spoorwegen) or on the slippery roads. With 820 KM of traffic jams, and people freezing to death, you would think that winter can better be skipped in your Facebook timeline. But…when I see the world around me turning white and receive messages about a possible ‘Elfstedentocht’ (Eleven Cities Tour), I get the ice fever!

Theetuin Overleek

At Theetuin Overleek, Holland

Feverishly, I searched the internet last Friday. Looking for a place in the neighbourhood where we could ice skate on natural ice. Last Saturday, our first ride on ice skates was a fact. We skated from Broek in Waterland to Monnickendam, dodging ice holes and drinking hot chocolate at a selfmade stall on the ice. In Holland we call it ‘Koek en Zopie” (snack and drinks on the ice). The environment is beautiful, I love the sound of skates on the ice and it makes me happy to see people having fun. Sometimes I stop to wait for my handsome girl who’s enjoying the ice at her own speed. Watching her ice skating in this stunning setting makes me feel so happy!

Broek in Waterland

After skating for almost 3 hours, we were at the starting point again. I decided to make one more round on the frozen lake in front of the village. And then a young girl (of about 8 years) bumped into me. Together, we crashed into a pile of snow. We both laughed about it and I helped her standing up again to move on enjoying this great day.

Broek in Waterland

Broek in Waterland, Holland

Lisja & I Chu at Broek in Langedijk

Astrid & Patrick at Broek in Langedijk

Astrid & Patrick at Broek in Langedijk



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