Social Collaboration = working together + using a social platform

With Social Collaboration to an intelligent organization

“Why do you have a LinkedIn account?” I asked the Director Business Solutions during our presentation about social collaboration. We tried to convince him about the opportunities for using social media tools within our business. He answered: “To share and use knowledge”.  We were already in the last minutes of our meeting. After one hour of talking, we convinced him. We finally had green light to move forward with our Social Media service development.

There is a tendency going on of companies using Social Media tools within their firm. Big organizations like Ahold and Pon are changing their ways of working by using, for example, Google Apps, Sharepoint or Lotus Connections. But why? In my infographics below, I explain a few benefits of changing from a traditional organization to a social/intelligent organization.

Infographic about Social Collaboration - Mobile - Cloud - Nathan Vennekens

[click image to enlarge]

Infographic about Social Collaboration - Nathan Vennekens

[click image to enlarge]


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