Restaurant: Beulings (Amsterdam, 2012)

Limburgse “Rijstevlaai” (rice cake) with cream from Peter Lemmens, Maastricht

Getting older is not really my happiest thought! But time is running fast, and stopping the clock will not change that. So I am moving forward and decided to simply get over my birthday. Some of my best friends and colleagues actually surprised me with presents and a very cool dinner after a working day at Vodafone. And my treat for them was the famous local pie: “Kruimelvlaai” (Crumble) and “Rijstevlaai” (Rice).

Fish Dish - Kloppendhard

Restaurant Beulings
Every day I live is a reason to celebrate. Instead of organizing a party, I planned a special dinner with my honey at restaurant “Beulings” in Amsterdam, last Saturday. This great (yet small) culinary place is runned by Lisja and Bas. We know them via one of our best friends. They are doing very well and they really pampered us. We started our dinner at 19:00 and rolled outside, a little tipsy, five hours later. We had an amazing evening and tasted the flavours of eight beautiful dishes. I do not understand that they have not received a Michelin star yet.

Creative dishes
We ordered a wine arrangement with our dishes (we had a surprise menu). With every dish came another wine, which perfectly matches the flavours. They used many kinds of “forgotten” vegetables or combined vegetables but from different countries. For example, we had a dish with mashed potatoes coming from Japan, China and Holland. Very creative! Lisja is very friendly and she knows everything about the dishes and wines that she serves. The atmosphere is friendly and easy-going. This was one of our best restaurant experiences ever!

Thank you Lisja, Bas and I Chu for a great evening! And thank you everyone who surprised me and/or congratulated me! By the way this also is my 30th blogpost!


I Chu, Bas en Lisja


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