Wrong direction

After a four hour drive from Amsterdam, we are in Calais, France. I Chu, Su, Duck and I stop at a McDonalds for a fast energy boost. We are on our way to London to visit Peter en Katy. It’s the first time that we travel by car and train to England. We parked our car in the train and half an hour later, we are driving on the left side of the road. It is a little strange, but it went very well. When we arrived in London, the roads were getting more complicated. Luckily, we have our navigation with us. Only one time, I almost drove into the wrong direction, but nothing happened and we arrived at Peter’s place.

At the front door of Peter’s house, it is not clear to us which bell we have to ring. There are no name plates. So we started yelling through the mailbox opening. And Peter is opening the door! It is great to see him again! Katy is standing in the kitchen, making delicious homemade pizza for us. Only 5 minutes later, there is a knock on Peter’s door. It is the police. Apparently, the neighbours called them because of the noise we produced. Peter handled the situation pretty well.

The Hamlet
We quickly started eating the pizzas and watched a movie (Hanna). Then it was time to go into town. Duck ordered many drinks for us in the pub called The Hamlet. It was a crazy first night in London!

English breakfast
I Chu finished her unlimited-English-breakfast-buffet with a great smile. The rest of us had some scrambled eggs, toast and salmon. We went to Covent garden for some shopping and drank coffee in the Milkbar. The sun is shining! What a beautiful day! For dinner, we had great Italian food in Soho at Stef’s.


World class cocktails at London Cocktail Club
Because pubs in London close around two ‘o clock, the nights out start very early. Duck spotted a cocktail bar earlier that evening, somewhere in a basement. We decided to hit it. And what a great place it was. The cocktails were fresh and tasted delicious. The guy who served us that night was awesome and he gave us some free shots. Even a glass of water was presented beautifully with fireworks! Around one
‘o clock, the lights went on and the place was closed. We happily catched a bus back home.

Sunny day
The next morning, everyone was surprisingly fresh. While I am writing this blog, Peter arranged a great breakfast while the sun started beaming again. Time to go outside, into Streatham, the neighbourhood where Peter lives. We drank some coffee and walked through a sunny and beautiful park, Streatham Common, while having some deeper conversations. No one was in the mood to go back to Holland again, but we will definitely go back to London again soon!


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