(PRE-)PYRENEES #1: French Beer & Whisky

Walking guides Pyrenees

It’s Friday, and the first day of our holiday! I Chu, Peter and I are going to the Pyrenees for a week. Then we travel to Valencia where Peter will join for one day. I Chu and I will enjoy our holiday one week longer.  The adventure starts with a 9,5 hour drive from Amsterdam to Limoges. We started our trip far too late, and had a two-hour delay due to the traffic jams around Paris.

Restaurant Le Versailles - Limoges France

Too simple food
Our hotel: Art Hotel Tendance in Limoges looks very old and classic. Our room is furnished and decorated in an African style. It is cosy but hot; there is no air conditioning. We rate it with a 6. After we checked in, we had dinner at Restaurant “Le Versailles” at 20 Place D’Aine, a fancy-looking place in the centre of the town. The food was too simple and a bit overpriced, but we had great fun. We gave the restaurant a 5. We paid 96,90 for a 3 course menu, a bottle of water and a carafe of wine. The service was mediocre. We feel that Limoges is a nice town to visit.

Cafe J. Michard - Limoges France - whisky & beer

French Beer & Whisky
After our dinner, we went to the central plaza of the town, which was busy and had a great atmosphere. We chose the pub “J. Michard” where they served their home-made beer and whisky. We had a blond and amber beer. They tasted great! And we shared a very special home-made whisky. The taste can be described as: a honey and vanilla start, then a sharper taste with a bang, and finally a long finish. GREAT!

Art Hotel Tendance banner


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