Restaurant: Breche the Roland (Gèdre, France 2012)

Rating Restaurant Brèche the Roland - Gèdre France

Restaurant Breche the Roland.

After our first impressive walk, we searched for a place to eat. In Gèdre, we passed Hotel/Restaurant Brèche the Roland (65) by chance. We were pleasantly surprised with a great menu, including ‘potage Garbure’ (soup), duck breast, salad, lamb stew, trout, a chocolate and caramel dessert. We thought this place was excellent. On top of that, we had a stunning view from the terrace. The service is outstanding too! We would rate it with an 8+. After our lunch under the sun, we drove a bit further, to “Hount de la Lahue” (between Bareilles and Gite d’Etape at the Plateau de Saugué) through a scary, small road. We made another small walk there, with (again) great views on the surrounding mountains. In the far distance, we saw a huge waterfall: “The Grande Cascade”. Around us, many small water streams gently find their way down. It’s a very peaceful and quiet environment. What a great end of the day.

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