PYRENEES #5: Thunderstorm

Picture Lac du Gaube

I am happy that I am able to write this blog. Yesterday, during our 5-hour walk in the mountains, we suddenly ended up in an enormous thunderstorm.

From: Pont de la Raillère to point ‘d Espagne

Beautiful lake
We started our walk at the sunny “Pont de la Raillère” (1.048 m). From there, we walked uphill through a beautiful forest, on a small, rocky path. Next to us, a spectacular wild river roared next to us all the time, with its many waterfalls (after all, we did the famous “waterfalls walk”). After 1,5 hours, we reached “point ‘d Espagne”. We saw a chairlift going up to “Lac du Gaube” (1.725 m). We decided to go by foot. It turned out to be a difficult walk in the heat, but we were rewarded with beautiful views on the lake. The water was ice cold and crystal clear. We could have stayed here for hours. It was possible to walk around the lake. But the clouds were moving very quickly up into the air. I had never seen such “cloud movement” before. We decided to return to the starting point.

Lac du Gaube

Rain and thunder
Once we reached “point ‘d Espagne”, we were surprised by the heavy rain and thunder. And we still had a long way to go. It was no fun at all. The path downhill through the forest became very slippery and the thunder and lightning were right above us. We walked like maniacs and passed some people who took shelter under some big trees. I Chu and I came prepared and were wearing nice raincoats, but Peter’s jacket did not really protect him against the rain.

Pont de la Raillère

Sauna & Wine
After one hour, the heavy rain and thunder stopped and we arrived at the parking place, the starting point. Our clothes were soaked and our pants covered with mud. Once we arrived in our apartment, we warmed ourselves up in the sauna. And drinking a lot of wine helps too.

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