Still feeling yesterday’s wine, we slowly woke up. We planned a walk in ‘Réserve du Néouvielle’ to Lac d’Orédon, Lac d’ Aubert and Hourquette d’Aubert. Unfortunately, the road was blocked and we had to change our plans. Near the roadblock, there were many walks. We chose a rocky walk to ‘Cabana de la Pègue’ The terrain is rough and full with sheep (or cow) dung. On a higher point, we walked across a nice meadow with some water streams. After we passed this beautiful scenery, the road became unclear. We climbed on huge rocks and passed many streams. But then the road was gone. In the distance we saw a path, but we decided to walk back and find a restaurant for lunch.

Restaurant Chez Rosette

The villages we passed by did not offer a good open restaurant. After we drove a bit further, we saw a road mark to a village called Sers. We took a small road uphill and arrived in a nice idyllic village. The village restaurant: “Chez Rosette” had a traditional chalet look and a great view on the surrounding mountains. The menu is simple and quite  similar to that of other restaurants in the Pyrenees. Each of us had a three course menu for only 16 Euros. The service is okay. The decor is a bit scary due to the many stuffed animals. The taste of the simple food is nice and we had a good time. We rated this place with an 8.

Cabana de la Pègue

Cabana de la Pègue

Cabana de la Pègue



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