Cirque de Troumouse

One of the many great aspects of walking in the Pyrenees are the flowers and animals. Peter even saw an adder (snake). There are many birds, sheep and once in a while, a lizard would cross our path. One animal that we saw many times are the chubby mountain marmots. Today, one marmot did not see us coming down. Once he noticed us, he ran back and forth in panic. We felt a bit sorry for him, but it was really a funny sight.

Cirque de Troumouse
Today, we walked to “Cirque de Troumouse” with the highest point (“le cot”) at 2.138m. We passed the Lacs des Aires and a big pile of snow. The small path is easy to walk on, but the loose rocks made the 4-hour walk heavy. We had to cross many streams, which I loved. A great way to spend the (almost last) day.

Restaurant Ardiden Luze St Sauveur

Airplane food
Unfortunately, our dinner did not meet our expectations. We went to hotel/restaurant l’Ardiden. Except for the friendly service, it was a complete disaster. The food was not fresh at all; most of it came out of a can. As a starter, I Chu received a very plain oven baked cheese roll (dough). You could compare it with airplane food. I only ate some soup and a few bites from my meat and the prefabricated dessert. I Chu and Peter were less negative than I was, but they did not appreciate it either. I rate this place with two points out of ten. They should close it down or get help from Gordon Ramsey.

Cirque de Troumouse

Cirque de Troumouse

Cirque de Troumouse

Cirque de Troumouse

Snow at Cirque de Troumouse




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