lac de Peyrelade

After playing some Uno and drinking a few glasses of wine last night, we thought that a walk wouldn’t be part of today’s schedule. Accidentally, I forgot to switch off my phone alarm. At 8:30 hours, we were already enjoying our fresh butter croissants and a local pastry: Gâteau aux myrtilles (a kind of extra large blueberry muffin).

lac de Peyrelade

Change op plans
Then we decided to do a short walk (3,5 hours) to Houte Blanque (1.941 m). But after 30 minutes, we passed by a sign that forbade us to go further. As we walked further, the noises of chainsaws also came closer so we decided to go back. We met two friendly walkers on our way back. After we told them that the access was blocked because of the wood cutting, they gave us a tip about another walk, which wasn’t mentioned in our guides.

to lac de Peyrelade

2000 m
We were very curious and drove to the starting point of the walk, via a small forest trail. The outside temperature went up to 29 degrees Celsius. The sign told us that the walk to “lac de Peyrelade” (Peyrelade lake) should take 2 hours. This was definitely the steepest and heaviest walk of our entire holiday. But we loved the challenge! After a long 1,5 hours climb, we reached a beautiful – intense blue – lake at a height of 2.000 m. Some parts of the lake were still frozen. It was an incredible last walk. Back in our apartment, it was time to freshen up in the swimming pool.

to lac de Peyrelade

Best restaurant in this area
In the evening, we couldn’t resist to return to restaurant ‘Breche de Roland‘ and we were not disappointed. This is probably the best restaurant in this area of the Pyrenees. We feel so spoiled!


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