Valencia #3: Vamos a la playa

Valencia Beach Spain
Lazy Mondays are the best Mondays. Getting up at 10:00 hours and having breakfast with fresh coffee and views on the sunny palm trees.
Marcado Central - Valencia

Stress less
While I am writing this, I am still chilling in bar Congo. We are enjoying the jazzy vibe, sun and cava. I Chu is sitting in front of me, working on her presentation about Intellectual Property law. You may think it’s strange that we both do some work during our holiday. But in this environment, it doesn’t feel like work at all. It’s totally stress less.

Roof Mercado Central Valencia

Mercado Central
After breakfast, we picked up two bikes from our hotel. Today, we will do some sightseeing by bike. First, we went to the beautiful Mercado Central, one of the biggest indoor markets of Europe. The building dates from 1920. After walking around, we bought some delicious fresh fruits. From there, we drove of park Turia.

Mercado Central Valencia

Baila, baila ho!
Firstly, we cycled to parque de cabecera, a quiet part of park Turia. From there, we went all the way down to the beach of Valencia. A part of our cycling route went through Circuit Urbà de València, the host of the Formula One European Grand Prix.

Rating Paella Restaurant La Pepica

We arrived at the beach of Valencia. The water is blue. On the boulevard, there are many fish restaurants. We ate a fish paella at restaurant “La Pepica”. It should take half an hour to prepare this big plate of paella. Only then you’ll know it’s fresh. The quality was fine. The service was a little unpersonal. The view on the beach is however priceless. The prices are a bit high but manageable. We paid 32,85 Euros for two cokes and one big paella. I rate this place with a 7. After our lunch, we enjoyed the beach until the early evening. Yeah!

Rating Restaurant Appetite Valencia Spain 2012

is the name of the restaurant we joined that evening. Actually, we first wanted to eat vegetarian at restaurant Copenhagen, but it is closed on Mondays. A very kind Asian-Australian woman runs “Appetite”. She told us she was born in Australia and had a several restaurants, for example in Sydney and Singapore. As she had not owned a restaurant in Europe yet, she moved to Valencia three years ago. She is very enthusiastic and we think it’s great that she asked us personally what we thought of her food.

Dish restaurant appetite

Her cooking style is Asian, Mediterranean fusion. We choose the six-course-menu. The first four dishes were surprising and had Arabian-Asian style and flavours. The main dish (sea brass) was a bit too simple. Many restaurants serve similar dishes. The taste was good however. The dessert, home-made chocolate pie with strawberries and mascarpone was very tasty, but in my opinion an easy choice. We enjoyed the evening and the food. The restaurant has much potential, but I missed the finish with a bang! The décor is nice and the service is friendly and personal. They should definitely change their restaurant logo. It doesn’t represent its style and personal touch.

Thaitanic Nite at Restaurant Appetite Valencia Spain

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