Ruzafa Valencia

The best part of Valencia, I think, is Ruzafa. It’s a place with nice little stores, bars and restaurants. And the best thing: no mass tourism! The neighbourhood of Ruzafa is situated around the colourful indoor market. It’s not as beautiful as Mercado central but it’s fun visiting. At Ruzafa, we experienced the good life of the local people and the real local flavours. 

Ruzafa market

In search for art
After we enjoyed the local market and some shops around Ruzafa, we walked to museum MUVIM (museum for: illustration and modernity). Unfortunately, the museum would open a few days later. They tipped us about museum IVAM (Museum for modern art).

Street art valencia horses

Bad IVAM museum experience
When we entered the IVAM museum, we walk towards a woman and a guy who are sitting behind a desk. We asked for two tickets. The women pointed to the guy, but he is on the phone. The guy has a grumpy face and continued his phone call. We look at each other. What was this? Then the guy suddenly asked us, while he is still on the phone, two tickets? That’s 4 Euro. He continues his phone conversation. We were not very amused about this rude welcome but we wanted to see the art. The guy literally smashed two tickets on the counter. The woman with the frozen face suddenly starts talking to us. We have to give our bags. After 10 minutes, we finally got into the museum. Only after 40 minutes, we concluded that this museum has a very strange collection. Many collages, a room full of abstract paintings of horizons, a space shuttle movie, a strange architecture exposition with the new Citroen DS5 car in the middle and a small collection of images from the second world war. The only real interesting parts were a photo report from a prison in Africa and a documentary about modern slavery in Dubai.

Street art Valencia

There is no line in the collection and most descriptions were in Spanish only. What a shame!


Return the ssenippaH
To get in a happy mood again, we stopped at restaurant ‘Cafeteria el Trovador‘. It is a very simple place with locals only. The staff could not speak English, but were very kind and helped us with selecting our menu. We ate a huge salad, paella and two fish dishes including a beer, cola and coffee. We paid 17,80 euro. The quality was fine. The décor is like an old traditional café. Considering the price and quality, I rate it with a seven. We left the place with a big smile.

Biblio-café Poiters France

Biblio-café Poitiers, France    
While I am writing this part of the blog, we are in the French town of Poitiers in a cosy café: Biblio-café. It’s a small place packed with books and board games. On the other side of the road, you have a fancy wine shop where they also serve food. We didn’t have the time to try it out, unfortunately. We are in Poitiers, which is our last stop on our way back home. I will tell more about it in my next and final blog about this holiday. If you will ever visit Poitiers, check out this retro place (with free wifi).

Restaurant Basilico Valencia

Let’s go Basilico
Back to Valenica. After an afternoon of drinking cava, the evening couldn’t start any better. On our way to restaurant ‘Basilico‘ in Ruzafa, the sun shines. Suddenly, we hear loud Spanish music from a street nearby. It sounds like a party! We were looking for the source of the music. And there he was: a big Spanish guy behind a hand car, loaded with a huge speaker and a keyboard. A woman goes around with a hat and asks for money. Suddenly, the guy stopped the music and walked further. So did we, and we entered the best restaurant of our entire holiday.

Restaurant Basilico Valencia

It’s a very small restaurant, on a corner with only a few tables. The windows were wide open and they played jazzy, electronic lounge music. The waiter and owner of the restaurant gave personal service. The menu of the day is a mix of their best dishes. They know very well what they serve best and that includes some great wines. It’s a pity that they don’t offer a wine arrangement alongside the dishes. The food style is fusion. The dishes are simple, fresh and full of flavour. When we received our bill, we were very surprised. We had four drinks with our dishes, a bottle of water and two coffees. We only paid 46 euro. I rate this place with a nine out of ten.

street art valencia

Street art Valencia



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