(Good bye) Valencia #5: Hello San Sebastian and Poitiers

Monte igueldo San Sebastian Donostia

Ater our breakfast it’s time to slowly return to Amsterdam again. After 5,5 hours of driving, we arrived at our hotel in San Sebastian / Donostia (Basque). San Sebastian looks somewhat like Rio de Janeiro with the blue Bay of Biscay and the seven meters high statue of Jesus at the Monte Urgull.

Hotel Leku Eder San Sebestian Donostia

Leku Eder 
Our hotel: “LEKU EDER” is situated on one of the hills above San Sebastian: monte igueldo. It’s less than 2 KM to the first beach near the city centre. It’s a simple hotel with a very warm welcome. They have Wifi and stunning views on the ocean. We had room 106 (Verdi) on the first floor with a balcony. I think all the rooms have a balcony with ocean view. The interior is classic, somewhat outdated but clean. The only minus of the hotel is the neighbour’s barking dog that kept us awake. However, we rate this place with an 8.

San Sebastian Donostia

Beach & ice cream 
We only had one afternoon left and because the weather was a little cloudy the empty beaches didn’t look very attractive. We walked along the boulevard of the old part: Playa de ondarreta and Playa de la concha. And we looked at the surfers on the surfers’ beach, a new part of San Sebastian: Playa de la zurriola. After we walked around for a while and ate some delicious ice cream at Gelateria Boulevard, it was dinner time.

Bar Zeruko San Sebastian

Eating from a painting
San Sebastian is well-known for its pintxo bars (basque spelling). They serve the small tasty snacks with a beer or a nice wine. There are many variations and they are all very tasty. We chose Bar Zeruko. When we arrived at 19:00 ‘o clock, they just opened their doors and we were the first to arrive. But after 10 minutes, the place was packed. And it’s totally clear why! The pintxos look like little masterpieces. There were so many, that it was difficult to choose. This is nothing like a traditional pintxo bar. It’s very modern, creative and culinary. The taste of the food is great too. Eating little art works has his price. But it’s definitely worth it. We rate this place with a 9.

Bistrot Du Boucher Poitiers France

After a quick, simple and cheap breakfast, we moved on to our latest stop: Poitiers. A small town at the Clain river. It’s the capital of the Vienne department. We arrived in the afternoon. The sun was shining on the old Romanesque and static buildings. One of the the eye cather is the huge cathedrale: cathedrale saint-pierre de poitiers. Besides walking around, we had a drink in the sun at cafe de la Paix (which has very bad service) and we had dinner at restaurant: Bistrot Du Boucher. It’s a very popular restaurant. The service is friendly and the food is okay. The place looks nice too. After dinner, we had a drink at the Le Biblio Cafe, a small cafe with many books you can read and games you can play while drinking something.

Poitiers Centre le Grand hotel

Le Grand Hotel 
We spend the last night of our holiday in Best Western Poitiers Centre le Grand hotel. It’s the best hotel in this town. I think you can compare it with a good two star hotel. It’s old fasioned, but they have nice large beds and it’s quiet. They have a roof terrace on the first floor. It’s next to the breakfast room. The breakfast is basic but complete. The service was really friendly. The service at the reception could be more pro-active. We rate this place with an 7+.

San Sebastian / Donostia Pictures
San Sebastian Donostia

San Sebastian Donostia

Bar Zeruko Food PicturesBar Zeruko San Sebastian Donostia

Bar Zeruko San Sebastian Donostia

Bar Zeruko San Sebastian Donostia

Bar Zeruko San Sebastian Donostia

Bar Zeruko San Sebastian Donostia

Bar Zeruko San Sebastian Donostia

Bar Zeruko San Sebastian Donostia

Bar Zeruko San Sebastian Donostia

Bar Zeruko San Sebastian

Poitiers Pictures
Clain river Poitiers

cathedrale saint-pierre de poitiers


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