Stick 2 gether love celebration

In 2009, I had the opportunity to start my own business in photography. Together with my business partner we set up our company. We both had experience in reportage photography and had done projects for the Dutch Summertime magazine. We pictured many weddings, business events, festivals and personal/family portraits and even did graphic designs, video and websites. It was great to work with each other and our clients. Our business was called ‘Sensus fotografie’, which stands for ‘feeling’. Our pay-off was: “always remember”. When we both had new jobs after three years, we decided to stop with Sensus. The Sensus fotografie website is offline but I just started a new portfolio website:

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Diamond store
Before I was involved in wedding photography, I never wanted to marry. But after having done all those beautiful wedding shoots, including the one of my business partner, I started to think differently about marriage. And I still do not think that your wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life, but it definitely is one of the many beautiful days. In my opinion, marriage is a celebration of love. With that in mind, I knew I wanted to marry my love of my life! That day I happened to run into one of the best-known diamond store in Holland and bought THE bling!


Stick together
Although I would love to share with you how I proposed to my wife, that’s something I will share with you in person. Our wedding was in August 2011. We named it “The Stick Together Love Celebration”. Because my wife is Dutch-Chinese and I am Dutch, a marriage also means that two different cultures are coming together. I think that is one of the many great things of our wedding. My father, who is a civil servant, married us that day. We were lucky that the sun was shining that day, the days before it was raining heavily. Our friends helped and supported us and we had great fun with them in the preparation phase, with tasting cakes and champagne! We had a ‘Dutch’ ceremony, and a ‘Chinese’ (huge) dinner. We had an amazing jazz band with members of the Wicked Jazz Sounds (Ginger lime). They mix jazz with electronic and hiphop music. Instead of one large wedding cake, we served many little, beautiful cakes. Thinking about that day makes me feel good!

Tuna Dish best restaurant Beulings Amsterdam The Netherlands

Celebration at restaurant Beulings
I am together with my wife now for more than 10 years! Because we wanted to celebrate this, we went to our favourite restaurant in Amsterdam: restaurant Beulings. There we had a beautiful 4-hour dinner with very creative, tasty dishes and amazing wines. In one of my blog posts earlier this year, I already mentioned that I think Beulings deserves a Michelin star! We rate this restaurant with a 9+. The flavours of the dishes are well balanced and surprising. The service is very personal and the atmosphere of the small restaurant is easy going but professional. They know very well how to spoil you. Of course, restaurants like this have their price, but it’s worth it. It was a great celebration and we look forward to celebrating our love for many years to come.

logo Sensus fotografie

Sensus fotografie - Nathan Vennekens


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