The Pintxos hunt (France with friends #1)

Playa de la zurriola - Surf - Kloppendhard - Nathan Vennekens

Before last year, I never had a ‘boys only’ holiday. For my bachelor party, I went to Germany for a whole weekend and last November, I went to China with one of my best friends. Actually, China doesn’t count because one of my friends I visited there is a girl. In April of this year, an idea was born. Two of my best friends and I decided to go to Biarritz in June. And so it happend. 

Camping plage soubelet - Saint Jean De Luz - France 2012 - Kloppendhard - Nathan Vennekens

Camping Plage Soubelet

Duck (nickname) and I travelled by car from Holland (12 hours drive) and Peter K lives in London and arrived by plane one day later. Of course, a boys holiday should be low budget and that’s why we stayed at a camping in a tent that I borrowed from my parents. The name of the camping we stayed at is: Camping Plage Soubelet. It’s a small camping between two nice beaches on top of a small hill. At one of the beaches there was a small beach club that served crazy cocktails. Camping Plage Soubelet is a decent camping. It’s simple but comfortable. After 22:00 hours the main gate closes, but you can still enter the camping by car easily through the back entrance. Besides a few French people there were many Dutch tourists. Something I usually try to avoid. But the people were very nice and friendly.

Packed with tourists

There were enough trees on the grass lawns to hide for the sun, but it still was hot in our tent. The camping is located between Biarritz and Saint Jean de Luz. I think this area has the largest density of campings in all of France. When you go in high season, as we did, the area is packed with tourists. And because of the huge event: Les fêtes de Bayonne, it’s very crowded. But the atmosphere is easy going and relaxed. The sanitary is clean. The only thing I didn’t like were the noices in the evening. Cars and scooters are passing by and people who come back from the Bayonne event were shouting happily.
I think that when you visit this place at mid- and low season it will be more relaxed. At the reception of the camping, there is payed Wifi but I never used it. I rate Camping Plage Soubelet with a seven out of ten.

Kloppendhard - San Sebastian - City view

‘Sun Sebastian’
Although we planned to go to Biarritz we actually only visited Biarritz once (on the last day). Mostly we went to San Sebastian. I discovered that San Sebastian is very worth visiting when the sun shines. The city literally comes to life. People drink cerveza (beer) in the many bars, eat ice creams or sip wine on a terrace. We went to the beach (Playa de la zurriola) to surf, check out people and enjoy the sun. We also climbed the hill of the Monte Urgull Parque (with the Jesus statue), which offers nice views on the whole area. We also watched people jumping into the ocean from the harbour quay.

San Sebastian - Catedral de San Sebastian - view from bar Splash - Kloppendhard

Bar Splash
If you go deeper into the city town, you first walk by many expensive stores. But once you arrive in the area of the huge “Catedral de San Sebastian” it’s less touristic and more local and relaxed. We sat down at Bar Splash and Bar Uda Berri. Bar Splash was our favourite hang-out after the surfing. Bar Splash has free wifi. I think we went here for three days in a row.

Restaurant BAR GOIZ ARGI - San Sebastian 2012 - Kloppendhard - Nathan Vennekens

Restaurant BAR HORI DA - San Sebastian 2012 - Kloppendhard - Nathan Vennekens

Because it was the second time that I visited San Sebastian this year, I knew that it is famous for its stunning food. In this blog, I described Bar Zeruko. I love this bar and, of course, I introduced this place to my friends. But this time, we had a different strategy: try less pintxos, in more pintxo bars. Bar Zeruko is one of the more expensive bars. Bar Hori Da is a traditional bar with a brown interior. We got a tip from Bar Goiz Argi that visited first. The specialty of Bar Hori Da is Foie Plancha. I didn’t try it but one of my friends did. I tasted some other dishes and they were really nice. The bar people are friendly and serve nice wines. One of my friends speeks a little Spanish and helped ordering and arranging stuff. Great! With two persons we ate around nine dishes and we spent around 25 Euros in total, including two drinks. I rate Bar Hori Da with an eight. Bar Goiz Argi is a bar without tables and seats. It has an modern look and after dinner time, the floor is covered with tissues. The bar people are really nice and help you with explaining en picking the different dishes if you ask them. One of the guys spoke English pretty well and was funny too. The food is stunning. Maybe the looks of the food are less beautiful as in bar Zeruko, but the taste is equal and maybe even better. Keep it simple and let the flavours do the magic. My favourite pintxos were the fresh grilled shrimps on a stick. I rate Bar Goiz Argi with an nine.

Nathan Vennekens - Artyllery

Changing in parking Acciona Aparcamientos - San Sebastian - Kloppendhard

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