Sweet Tasty Pastry Pie Biarritz Beach (France with friends #2)

with friends in France - Kloppendhard

Most of the time we waked up around nine o’clock. I didn’t sleep very well but waking up and touch the grass with my wicker every morning gave me a refreshing en peaceful feeling. After brushing teeth we almost always went to the same bakery. It’s definitely one of the best bakeries I know. The baguettes, croissants and pastries all tasted delicious. A great way to celebrate the mornings. Unfortunately I can’t find the place anymore on google maps. It was at the D810 – Acotz between Biarritz and (closer to) Saint Jean De Luz.

La Buvette des Halles - Saint Jean de Luz - Kloppendhard

Restaurant - LA BUVETTE DES HALLES - SAINT JEAN DE LUZ - FRANCE 2012 - Kloppendhard - Nathan Vennekens

Saint Jean de Luz
A few times we went to Saint Jean de Luz. It’s a small cozy village with an enormous beach which comes with a lot of tourists. We walked around a bit and did some shopping. We also visited a few bars and a restaurants. We drunk coffee at bar Café le Vauban (15 Boulevard Thiers). De spot is nice under the tries in the centre but the coffee was really bad. At the other site of the road we ate something at Boulangerie Fournil Saint Nicolas (12 Boulevard Thiers). The baguette and pizza slice we ate were dry and tasteless. We were not very lucky because we also tried to eat Itallian at Don Camillo. After waiting for over half an hour and asking for the menu and drinks for a several times we decided to go away. The food looked good and the place was nice but the service horrible. Hungry we went to La Buvette des Halles. Their specialty is grilled sardines. It’s a restaurant attached to the covered market (18 bis Boulevard). I did expect a lot of this fish restaurant. I ordered sardines and one of my friends ordered Gamba’s. This is not a place where you can expect high level service. The place looks authentic and nice but I didn’t like the place that mutch. I got a plate with 8 sardines. And that was it. The taste was like sardines but not special at all. My friend who ordered gamba’s was more enthusiastic about his dish but didn’t get any tissue to clean his hands. I rate this place with a 6 out of 10. We didn’t experience Saint Jean de Luz as a cullinary place to be. Better skip this place and drive to the beautiful San Sebastian.

Playa de Laga - España - Kloppendhard

Gernika-Lumo (Guernica)
Or you can drive further, to Bilbao. We did that on the day that the sun didn’t shine. A few years ago, I also went to Bilbao. We stayed at Hotel Gametxo. It’s a hotel on the top of a hill and it was not easy to find. But the ocean views and location were really stunning. I wanted to show this place to my friends. By the time we arrived at the spot, we were also ready for lunch. Therefore, we didn’t take much time for sightseeing. We made a stop in the sleepy town of Gernika-Lumo. It’s well-known because of the bombing on April 26, 1973. Pablo Picasso made a famous anti-war painting about this horrible happening.

dogs in gernika spain kloppendhard

RESTAURANTE GERNIKA - GERNIKA-LOMO - Guernica Kloppendhard - Nathan Vennekens

I think Gernika-Lumo is a very nice and easy going town. For lunch, we went to Restaurante Gernika. It’s a local restaurant that offers pintxos, fresh fish and some meat dishes. I shared the fish dishes with one of my friends. But Duck doesn’t like fish so he decided to order the ‘Hamburguesa Holande’. After 30 minutes, he could finally take a first bite. The hamburger was huge. Actually, it was a ‘ham baguette’. Some elderly people near Duck were laughing and asked us if he could eat that ‘burger mountain’ all by himself. Duck nearly managed to finish his entire lunch. Respect! It’s a nice local place to get lunch. I rate it with a 7 out of 10.

bilbao 2009 kloppendhard

After Gernika-Lumo, we drove to Bilbao. It looked boring and quiet. And we were tired too. My first visit to Billbao was also during heavy rain. But I loved this town and its great Guggenheim museum. This time, however, we just hit and run and called it a (holi)day.

PATISSERIE MIREMONT - BIARRITZ 2012 - Kloppendhard - Nathan Vennekens

Sweet Tasty Pastry Pie Biarritz Beach
We were very lucky with the weather. But one night when we just came back from San Sebastian there was a huge thunderstorm. We played Chess and zipped Whisky. After the thunderstorm we went to the beach bar. It was one of our last days. On the last day of our holiday Peter K celebrated his birthday. Finally we went to Biarritz. The actual reason to go on holiday in this area. Biarritz is a touristic surf spot were a lot of young people enjoy their holidays. The waves are nice and the atmosphere very relax. I surfed for two hours while my friends chilled out in the centre of the small town. When I came out of the water Duck and Peter just arrived at the boulevard of Long board beach. We chilled out in the sun till the evening fall. Because it was Peter’s Birthday we had to celebrate it. Biarritz has one really nice Patisserie. I think they have the best pastries I ever had. It’s not only the pastries which are the best, the place itself looks like it should be. A lot of gold, traditional, graceful and dignified. The prices are high but definitely worth paying for such a sweet tasty pastry pie celebration. I rate this place with a golden ten.

RISTORANTE AL DENTE - BIARRITZ 2012 - Kloppendhard - Nathan Vennekens

Italian food at Biarritz
When we arrived at Biarritz and tried to find a place to drink nice coffee, which is actually really hard to find, we checked out Tripadvisor for some nice place to have dinner. Our search for a morning espresso failed. We tried cafe Bleue de Toi. Here I only had one zip of my coffee. It was disgusting. Then we tried its neighbour Le Ventilo Caffé which did serve accilent Juice but horrible coffee too. As at the most places in Biarritz you are not aloud to sit outside if you don’t order food with you drinks. At Bleue de Toi we could sit outside but at Le Ventilo Caffé it wasn’t. The service at Bleue de Toi was friendly. The Service at Le Ventilo Caffé detached and arrogant. I will avoid those places next time. I remembered from my last time in Biarritz that there were some nice places to eat around the covered food market. There we found Cafe Jean. The coffee tasted better here and they let us taste the local liqueur for free. A nice place to hang-out for a while. The food looked good too. On the internet we checked out the the restaurant were we wanted to eat that night. But when we arrived at the place (Le Pim’pi) that evening it was unfortunately closed that day. A few years ago I had a good experience at Italian restaurant: Ristorante Al Dente. There we had a great dinner. The service was nice, the atmosphere relax (we sat outside) and the food was great too. The portions by the way are very big. The price is decent. I rate this place with an 7.8 out of ten. It was a great and relaxing day at Biarritz.

Restaurante Gernika - Restaurant Gernika-Lumo - Kloppendhard

Biarritz - Long Board Beach - 2012 - Kloppendhard

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