An evening and morning in Paris (France with friends #3)

Kloppendhard - Paris - Apartment

In the early morning, we brought Peter to the airport of Biarritz. Duck and I packed our tent and luggage within an hour and hit the road. My holiday was almost over, but Duck had another two weeks left. Because the family of Duck’s girlfriend lives in Paris, I didn’t drive back to Holland immediately. After Paris, Duck went on to another French adventure with his girlfriend. We had the opportunity to visit the city of love for an evening and morning. Despite the annoying traffic jams, we had a lot of fun on our way to Paris. The apartment we stayed in that night was located in the middle of Paris. Within ten minutes after our arrival, we had a glass of wine in our hand and enjoyed the sun on the balcony with a view on the Sacre Coeur. Pretty amazing.


That evening we were taken to restaurant: Le Progres. I had a delicious risotto and we drank champagne. Our evening was getting better and better. The food was simple but nice, and the location was good. I rate this place with an eight out of ten. After dinner, Duck and I went out for a drink. During working days the bars there were open till midnight. After some walking we ordered some good cocktails at bar Le Sancerre. It was very quiet at that time but we had a relaxing moment on the terrace.


Best Coffee of Paris
Duck and I are really into coffee. We learned to appreciate coffee in the last few years. We even have coffee lunches sometimes. After a good night of sleep in Paris, we were craving for a coffee experience in the morning. First, we went to a bar just around the corner of the apartment: La Chope Du Chateau Rouge. The coffee was a mix of coffee, milk and cream. Not the best, but the service was nice. But still, it wasn’t the coffee we were looking for. We walked around in the neighbourhood in search for a bakery. And then we found it! A real coffee spot: Kooka Boora Cafe! We were like two happy puppies when we discovered this place. A girl near the window had a great looking coffee with a nice touch of Latte art. We asked the girl in English what coffee she had. She talked back in Dutch! She has lived in Paris for a few months, and she explained that this was one of the few good coffee spots in Paris. We talked a bit about Paris and our holiday. She also gave us a tip about a nice boulangerie (bakery) that had won the first price a year ago. We decided to find that place for some nice croissants for breakfast. Although the whole neighborhood is packed with deli shops, we didn’t find the number one bakery, but we found some nice croissants. Then it was time to say goodbye to each other. Our ‘boys only’ holiday was a great success.

Paris - appartment view on Sacre Coeur

Boulangerie - Paris

Paris fashion art

Bad Coffee at La Chope Du Chateau Rouge


Le Chat Paris

Restaurant Le Progres

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