To Castiglione Della Pescaia (Tuscany 2012 #1)

Picture of Toscane in September 2007 - Nathan Vennekens - Kloppendhard

Yeah! It’s the last Friday of September, the start of our holiday in Italy (south of Toscane). Me and my wife go to Tuscany every year since 2008, mostly for a wedding of one of my wife’s family members. Her family lives in and around the beautiful city of Firenze (Florence).

Rating hotel am stadthaus - Neuenberg - Germany

A night in Neuenburg
Last year, we also visited the Italian Riviera with the small and colourful sunny villages around the Italian coast. It’s possible to drive to Tuscany (from Holland) directly. But we only could leave after work. That’s why we made a stop-over in Germany first. Just a few kilometers from the Swiss border, we stayed at the hotel “Am stadthaus” in Neuenburg am Rhein. The environment, in the Schwarzwald area, is beautiful. Neuenburg itself didn’t impress us much but it’s a good place for a stop-over. Hotel Am Stadthaus is simpel but clean, but it’s a bit old and you can hear some noise from the surrounding rooms. It didn’t bother us. The breakfast is okay with fresh fruit and bread. I rate this hotel with a 7 out of 10.

Breakfast hotel am Stadthaus - Neuenburg - Germany - September 2012

Traffic Jam
After breakfast, we hit the road for the second part of the ride to Castiglione della Pescaia (900 km to go). After driving for 1,5 hours, we were stuck in a traffic jam of 10 KM (2 hours of waiting). The weather was also really bad, with thunder and heavy rain. But when we arrived at our hotel (Rosella) after a 10 hour drive, it was warm and dry.


Restaurant La Fortezza
We could eat a horse and went to our first restaurant experience of this popular seaside village. We used Tripadvisor, and a tip from the hotel owner to navigate. We ended up at restaurant: La Fortezza. It’s located in a small street in the middle of the medieval city centre. It was warm enough to sit outside!


Seafood Snacks
We tried a fish appetizer (five different seafood snacks) and for the main course we had mixed grilled fish. The appetizer was nice but the main course a little too simple and overpriced. We shared a creamy and nice mascarpone dessert. The service of this restaurant is spontaneous and friendly, but also a bit unprofessional. We rate this restaurant with a 6 out of 10.

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