Nice and yummy in my tummy

Amsterdam Dance Event 2012

The title of this blog is a quote my wife spontaneously shouted out, after we had left the club Sugar Factory. We were walking through Amsterdam for an hour and talked about food. The early Friday evening party “Full Spectrum” was not a success. We entered the club around 21:00 hours but the place was empty and the music was bad. We wanted to experience the real Dubstep at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). Luckily, we also bought tickets to another party in the famous Paradiso club.

Left Boy

So we walked and talked about work, parties, holidays and one of my favourite subjects: restaurants. But at 23:00 hours sharp, we were standing in the row in front of the Paradiso club for the Oi! party. We were looking forward to a few hours of non-stop jumping and dancing. Once we were inside, we went to one the smaller rooms on the first floor. Wow! The vibe on the packed dance floor was amazing. Everyone was jumping, screaming and dancing on the beats of Left Boy, a young American rapper who lives in New York. He raps and mixes hiphop samples with electro, beats and even dubstep and classical music into an awesome and extremely danceable fusion sound. We were lucky to enjoy the final part of his concert, because it was the concert just before the party we bought the tickets to. A good start of the night!

No benga after Benga

When the ‘real’ party started, the night exploded and we jumped around like crazy on the drum & bass, hiphop and dubstep sounds. There were even some ‘mosh pits’. We had a lot of fun with our friends. Everyone was looking happy. This is how the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) should be! After the live performance of Benga however, there were less and less beats and too many breaks in the music. I think they should have kept it more upbeat to energize us. But all in all, we were happy and at 3:15 hours, we couldn’t stand on our legs anymore. Nice!

Hot Chocolate at Chocolatl Amsterdam

Best hot chocolate ever!
We spent the rest of the weekend watching movies, chilling out, drinking special Belgium beers and good Whisky: ‘Bunnahabhain – Toiteach – Un-Chillfiltered’. Not to forget! We also went to the chocolate boutique shop Chocolatl to try their special hot chocolate milk. Besides the fact that Chocolatl is the best chocolate shop in Amsterdam, I now know for sure that they definitely also have the best hot chocolate in town. I would love to interview  (one of) the owners for my blog.

Review Restaurant Bicken Amsterdam

Restaurant Bicken Amsterdam
On Sunday, we went to the new movie museum Eye with some friends. We only went there for some coffee and tea in their panoramic cafe. This new building has a very modern architecture. I love it! You have a great view on Amsterdam Central Train Station and the ‘IJ-river’. The free ferry brings you from the (back entrance of) Central Station to the other side (North) of Amsterdam. We made a reservation at restaurant Bicken. The reviews on Tripadvisor and the Dutch review website ‘Iens’ were pretty good. The place itself looks nice and cosy. We were sitting next to the front window. I think that it’s a ‘meat focused’ restaurant but they also have a few fish dishes. I chose the fixed menu, but had a fish alternative instead of the meat. As a free amuse, they served purple carrot mousse and crispy bread. I think the guy who served our dishes had also been to ADE the night before, because he looked grumpy and not enthusiastic. As a starter, I had a slightly grilled tuna. Actually, it was mainly raw and cold. Not very special. The grilled fish was fresh, but poorly seasoned and somewhat over-grilled. It tasted like it had been burned and I gave it back to the kitchen. The girl who waited our table appeared to understand, but when she returned from the kitchen, she tried to deny it and said that it should taste like that! She offered me a cup of coffee as a compensation. But I never received any coffee.The dessert was a mandarin jelly with ice cream and a chocolate fondant. It was the best part of the menu. The meat dishes that my friends had were nice, but also poorly seasoned. It was not the best restaurant experience. The products are fresh, but the dishes a bit boring. The wines are fine, but the service mediocre. That’s why I rate this place with a 6.5 out of 10.

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