White sandy beach (Tuscany 2012 #3)

We are lucky to be on holiday in October. It means less tourists and in my opinion, more fun and relaxing. The sun started to shine when we finished our breakfast. We went to Cala Violina, this is a beautiful, white sandy beach. To reach this – more or less hidden – beach, we had to leave the main road. We drove on a dusty, rocky road that leads to a parking where you have to pay during high season. From there, we had to walk for 25 minutes through nice woods (and follow the signs). And then we saw the beautiful blue sea. And some rubbish on the beach. It is a shame that some people throw their garbage on the ground, even if there are trashcans around!

Beach Cala Violina Italy
Rocky beach: Cala Martina
After some relaxing swimming and reading, my wife and I packed our stuff and walked for 1,5 hours. We checked out Cala Martina (a neighbouring beach) but it looked less nice because it is a rocky beach. In the far horizon, we could see the island of Elba.
After our beach experience, we had lunch at Follonica in a nice looking restaurant: Scalo Del Granduca. The restaurant was about to close for the afternoon, but we were just in time to have some pizza. The service was friendly and the location is in the city centre. We sat outside on a roofed terrace. The pizza was nice, but nothing special. The price for a pizza just is 6 euro. As in any restaurant, we had to pay for our cutlery. We rate the restaurant with a seven.
Follonica, Italy


My wife and I like Follonica, because of the local feel. We didn’t see any tourists at all. I guess in summer, this will be different. We will go back to this town to try another restaurant.

Massa Marittima - Italy
Massa Marittima
From Follonica, we drove to Massa Marittima. This medieval village is located on a hill. It’s not as popular as Montalcino, but I think it is more beautiful and cozy. It was nice to walk in the small streets to the main square with beautiful authentic buildings from the Middle Ages. After an hour, we drove to Piombino to check out the boat ticket prices to Elba. We thought it was too expensive for just a one-day trip and decided not to go.

View by evening at Piombion from restaurant Il Pino

View by evening at Piombion from restaurant Il Pino

Piombino is a city near the coast, surrounded by heavy industry. The centre of the town looked very cozy and there were  many people on the street. We decided to have dinner here and checked out some restaurants on Tripadvisor. We selected one restaurant and entered its address in our car navigator, which led us outside of town. This wasn’t exactly our idea, but we were curious where we would finish.

Restaurant at the beach
We arrived in the darkness at Il Pino, a beach restaurant. We were litterally next to the water, and its little waves smashed against the rocks on which the restaurant is built. From our seats on the outside terrace, we saw the lights of the surrounding coastal towns. Nice! But we also saw the thunder and lightning coming closer. As an appetizer, we shared the ‘antipasto mare’. And then we started to feel some rain drops and finished our main courses inside: Spaghetti Pino and Risotto Mar. The service was fine, and the food simple. I think my risotto tasted better than their specialty of the house. We rate this place with a seven out of ten, mostly because of its great location near the sea.

Late evening thunderstorm at Castiglione della Pescaia

Late evening thunderstorm at Castiglione della Pescaia

Big thunderstorm again
After we arrived in our hotel, the biggest thunderstorm ever burst out. We looked at the intense flashes from our hotel-room windows. It was exiting, but also a bit scary.
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