PRENZLAUER BERG (Berlin 2012 #3)

Kloppendhard - Berlin 2012-13

Just search for the best coffee bars, burger restaurants and cocktail bars in town and you will discover the best neighbourhoods. At least, this worked out pretty well for us while we were in Berlin. On a particular want-to-stay-at-long-as-possible-in-our-bed-Sunday, we were searching for Cafe CK. Funny detail: they have a logo that suggests it’s a holy place (at least I interpreted it like that).

CAFE CK BERLIN - GERMANY 2012 - Kloppendhard - Nathan Vennekens

Holy Coffee
Cafe CK is located in the Prenzlauer Berg area. This area has a local feel and is packed with restaurants, bars, parks, and we also saw a local theater. From the U-bahn Senefelderplatz, we walked on the Kollwitzstraße and arrived at the Marienburger Straße, where we found the coffee bar. While chilling out for more than 2 hours, we had some good cappuccino, caffe latte and the ‘V60’ coffee which is served in a caraf, like expensive red wine. The pastries were great too, by the way. It has a living room atmosphere, although they could make it a bit warmer with some colourful pictures on the walls. We had a good time and rate this place with an 8.

MARIEN BURGER BERLIN - GERMANY 2012 - Kloppendhard - Nathan Vennekens

After our coffee time, we walked from the Marienburger Strasse to the Volkspark Friedrichshain, which was covered in yellow, brown and red colours from the fallen autumn leaves. After having walked for more than an hour, we returned to the Marienbruger Strasse. It was already a bit dark and we were in the mood for some food. Just next to CK Coffee, we had seen MarienBurger (a really tiny hamburger place). Although I am not a meat lover, we decided to try it out. It was not bad at all! I think we had one of the best (small) hamburgers ever. Definitely worth an 8 out of 10. Delicious!

Schwarz Sauer bar - BERLIN - GERMANY 2012 - Kloppendhard - Nathan Vennekens

Black Acid & Springrolls
After the pleasant burger experience we walked further into Prenzlauer Berg and finally arrived at the Oderberger Straße, where we decided to have some Vietnamese food. But before that, we had some drinks at the Schwarz Sauer bar. The place was not really crowded but it had a cozy feel and we had a good time. After our drinks, we went to Vietnam Village, where we had a simple Vietnamese 3 course menu (and payed less than 20 euro per person, including tea). The service is fine, and the minimalistic decorated space looked nice too. A good example of a low budget, no-nonsense, good-value-for-money restaurant. We rate it with a 7 out of 10.

VIETNAM VILLAGE BERLIN - GERMANY 2012 - Kloppendhard - Nathan Vennekens

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