Restaurant: Vis aan de Schelde (Amsterdam, 2012)

Vis aan de Schelde 5 - kloppendhard

Life is really good at the moment. We had a very busy year with hard work, but we also went on holiday a few times, ate in good restaurants and did a lot with sports. We have made new friends and, unfortunately, missed some sweet friends (living outside of Holland) too.

Vis aan de Schelde 2 - kloppendhard

Thought sharing

Christmas is not an event I care about that much. But it’s a great time to visit friends and to have a romantic time with my chocolate pastry pie (my wife). It’s great to talk with her and share our dreams and thoughts about now, the past and the future.


Corn cream

This Christmas evening, we shared our thoughts during a dinner at restaurant Vis aan de Schelde. We had a four course dinner and had some oysters as a starter. It’s a beautifully decorated and modern fish restaurant. The welcome is warm and friendly. Besides the dishes that were in the menu, we were surprised with a one-bite bouillabaisse and a trio amuse of fish soup, a yummy mussel in a foam of carrot (I suppose), a popcorn and corn cream. The other dishes were soft-cooked mackerel with pumpkin cream and macarons, Alaska Salmon, haddock and we finished with cod fish. Both of us liked the chef surprise trio amuse the best. The quality of the food is fine and the atmosphere is relaxed. The service is a bit chaotic, they forgot to bring our wine and the fact that I don’t eat meat. Nevertheless, my wife and I had a great wine-dine-talking-time! A nice start of a not-so-important-but-still-very-cozy Christmas time. We rate this restaurant with an 8.2 out of 10.

Vis aan de Schelde - kloppendhard

Vis aan de Schelde 3 - kloppendhard

Vis aan de Schelde 6 - kloppendhard

Vis aan de Schelde 4 - kloppendhard


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