Suits and foodies

Suits serie cover

I am a huge movie fan. I am not a guy who knows all names of the actors and know in which movies they played. But what I do remember is that my best friend and I used to have a notebook where we kept track of the best quotes from the movies that we saw. For the record, this was during the time DVDs or Netflix did not yet existed. We only watched videotapes.

suits rachel foodie

Besides movies, I like to watch series. I loved watching the Newsroom and during Christmas, we saw two seasons of Homeland in three days and at this moment, we are hooked to Suits. The quick, humoristic and sharp dialogues  make it already a brilliant serie. It’s about a guy, Mike, who by coincidence, gets hired as an associate in a law firm in New York. He has a photographic memory and together with the best legal closer (Harvey) of the city they form a briljant team. Mike has a somewhat doubtful background but is starting to get back on track and learn the skills to be a great lawyer. Of course there is some love involved. Mike falls in love with with Rachel, a paralegal. My wife and I have a slight weakness for Rachel because she seems to be a foodie, like us.

Review winebar Vyne - Amsterdam 2013

Wine bar Vyne
As foodies, my wife and I went to restaurant Juuls in Amsterdam yesterday. I got tipped about this restaurant by my boss. Before we hit the restaurant, we had a wine tasting at Vyne. It was a lovely present from our friends (thx Ruud & Mara!). A great way to start bringing up the appetite. Vyne is a beautiful wine bar with over 300 wines and some nice snacks. We had a nice red wine tasting. I rate Vyne with an 8 / 10.

Review restaurant JUULS - Amsterdam 2013

Restaurant Juuls
Juuls is a restaurant that works with a 3, 4 or 5 course surprise menu. There is no menu to choose from, but they will take your preferences (and allergies) into account. We had the 5 course menu. Normally I don’t eat meat, but the waiter assured me that the meat was biological. I decide to give it a try.

Restaurant Juuls - Kloppendhard

Cauliflower and jelly
We started with an amuse with a fried cheese ball and a delicious cauliflower puree. Then we had our starter with lobster and carrots, prepared in different ways. And then we had a tasty small dish with scallop and cauliflower jelly. So far, it was really good. The main course was rib-eye and after that we had a small (spring) chicken dish. The rib-eye was nothing special. The spring chicken tasted good, however, I am just not a meat lover. My wife thought the same about the rib-eye, but really enjoyed the little chicken. To finish our meal, we had a delicious orange cheesecake with a layer of tangerine, banana mousse, cashew nut crumble and a pear sauce. This is probably one of the best cheesecakes I ever had. The service at Juuls is perfect. You can tell that they love to make sure you are having a good time and they are happy to explain the dishes and advise you on matching wines. The space is small and cozy. They were fully booked. My boss was right. It’s a nice place to enjoy a Saturday night diner. We rate this place with a 8.3 / 10.

I am curious to see our next culinary episode…


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