Belper Knolle, London 2013 #1

Belper Knolle - Borough market

It’s crazy at work. Since I became a corporate communication manager digital at Sogeti last year, I am in an energy rush. That’s almost 5 months ago now. I am really happy with my new job title. Together with my colleagues and a powerful Drupal team, we are giving all digital media a brand new look and feel. Of course, everything needs to be mobile proof, ‘snack culture proof’. I love working on innovative, creative, digital communication projects.

Sogeti visual element art it - Nathan Vennekens

London break
The downside of being sucked into something I really like to do, is that time passes by before you know it. Time for a break. We decided to hit London on my birthday and visit a good friend and his English girlfriend. After living there for more than a decade, he turned into a decent English man himself.

Wooden game played in the Eurotunnel

Wooden puzzle
My wife and I left with two friends in the early afternoon, after I gave a birthday treat to my project team members. It’s a seven-hour drive to London, including a 30-minute train ride through the Eurotunnel. When we arrived at our friend’s place, we were welcomed with a birthday cake and some tasty snacks, including a yummy homemade hummous (secret recipe, but it contained loads of garlic). I initially wanted to go to club Fabric for a great drum & bass party, but instead we enjoyed some Single malt Whisky and some Rum at ‘home’. Everyone was a bit tired. While we enjoyed our drinks we all tried to solve some difficult wooden 3-D puzzles. We all could not solve one particular puzzle. We eventually took it with us to Holland to solve it at home.

Borough Market London

Mind-blowing market
We are a group of foodies. Our London weekend consisted of visits to coffee bars, cocktail bars, markets and restaurants. We slowly woke up on Saturday morning. Around 12 o’clock, we finally arrived at our first food-stop: Borough market. It’s a food market with delicious local products. Every stall invites you (or even better: seduces you) to taste and buy their mind-blowing flavoured food.

London 2013 - Department of coffee and social affairs - kloppendhard

Super-tasty flavours
Since our Berlin trip last year, I am hooked to hamburgers. I really try to avoid meat, but burgers can be so good. We had a tasty beef burger for breakfast at Borough market, and some of us had paella. We also tasted the ‘Belper Knolle’ cheese with its super-tasty flavour. We had the best banana bread ever, and drank a freshly pressed mixed juice. We were in a ‘food trance’.

Review Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs & Prufrock
Outside it was very cold, windy and sometimes even snowy. Time to get warmed up. We visited two coffee bars: “Department of Coffee and Social Affairs” (DCSA) and “Prufrock” (PR). The DCSA was the best one and I rate their coffee with an eight. At PR the Latte and Cappuccino had nice Latte art, but the taste was not super. Both places are nice to hang out. They both have a water tap and free wifi. At PR I bought the Speciality Coffee Map of London. I already knew that there are many coffee bars, stalls and even caravans in London serving the best ‘black gold’. But it is quite awesome that they have a coffee map and even a coffee festival in April.

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Review Prufrock London 2013

Speciality coffee map London

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