Indian Flavours, London 2013 #2

London 2013 Indian Flavours

After our coffee break, we went to the Indian neighbourhood Brick Lane to visit a beer festival at the old Truman Brewery. Unfortunately, it was sold out, but we went to the boilerhouse foodhall instead and tasted some asian food. It’s a creative area with a mix of art, Indian flavours, second hand shops and urban sneakers. If we had not eaten already, we would have visited one of the many curry restaurants.

London 2013 - Brick Lane

Soho Joe
Soho is an all-time favourite place to go to in London. With all its bars, stores, China town and nice restaurants, a good evening is guaranteed. Soho Joe is an no-nonsense, Italian style eatery (nothing fancy) and they also serve burgers. The atmosphere is relaxed, so is the service. It’s a nice spot to hang out with friends and start the evening with antipasti, pizza and beer. Although our dear friend “mister P” (who lives in London) had made a reservation in a fancy restaurant (The Berkeley) we ate so much food at Soho Joe’s that we decided to cancel our reservation. There will always a next time in London. I rate Soho Joe with a 6.5 out of 10.

Restaurant Soho Joe - London 2013

Bar Amaricain
After Soho Joe, we walked to bar Americain, a cocktail bar in traditional American style situated in the basement of Brasserie Zedel. It serves classical cocktails and cognacs. We had to wait 25 minutes before we could enter the bar. The bar only offers seats; no standing places. It’s a beautifully decorated Art Nouveau-style bar. The personnel was a bit forgetful, but the drinks were quite good. It’s not a place to “scream and shout and let it all out” but more a place to have entertaining conversations and a good laugh. After a few drinks, we felt a bit hungry again. Time to find some food again. We rate bar Americain with an 8 out of 10.

 Bar Americain - London 2013

Busaba Eathai
Again, we had to wait in line. This time in front of Busaba Eathai, a popular modern-looking Thai restaurant. While we were chatting with other waiting people, a friendly waiter was doing his best to get everyone seated as soon as possible. Everything is very efficiently organized. They even have built-in touch screens outside where you can check out their menu. Inside, there are massive tables, where everyone shares a table with other guests. I love this concept. The service is fast, friendly and the atmosphere comfortable. I ordered some mixed juice with mango and we shared some fish, meat and vegetable dishes. Good food for a reasonable price. It’s worth a 7.5 out of 10. Happy after a great day in London, we went back to Mr P’s house to (try to) solve some brain twisting puzzles and to have some more drinks. Time truely flies when you are having loads of fun. Thank you all guys, for a great birthday weekend.

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Busaba Eathai - London 2013

Buildings London 2013


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