Just around the corner cheese

Cheese shop De Osdorper Amsterdam

There is this local shop where I love to go. In the weekends, we mostly visit local markets where we buy tasty organic food. And we love local beers and peated whisky. But there is a specific shop, just around the corner of our house. The products are not the only thing worth going for. The ever-joyful owner and his son always bring a smile on everyone’s faces.

Chees shop De Osdorper Amsterdam

The oldest cheese
When you enter the shop, it looks quite traditional. In the shop window, you see many cheeses, nuts and meat. They also sell some bread. I always ask for the old cheese that has the salt crystals. They have two kinds of old cheese: the old cheese and an even older cheese. They always let me (and all other customers) taste the cheese. I prefer the “oldest cheese”, because it matches best with whisky. While I am tasting and buying the cheese, there is a lot of talking and laughter in between. The cheese is cut with a tool that looks like an iron wire. The cheese is carefully wrapped into a paper with a small elastic to keep it together.

Chees shop De Osdorper Amsterdam

Big smile weekend
After I pay (a lot) for the cheese – it is a rather expensive place – they wish me a great weekend with a big smile. Of course, I wish them the same. Last weekend, my wife went to this shop for the first time. I wonder if she had the same great experience as I always have.

Chees shop De Osdorper Amsterdam

Cheese shop: De Osdorper (Osdorp, Nieuwe-West, Amsterdam)

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