Restaurant: Le Restaurant (Amsterdam, 2013)

Le Restaurant beef

More than a month ago, we made a reservation at restaurant Le Restaurant, which has one Michelin-star (so we heard). It’s a small place (24 seats) near the Sarphati park and Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam. The entrance looks like any other front door of a house. The windows are blinded with curtains, so you can’t look inside. Once we were inside the restaurant, we received a warm welcome.

Restaurant review - Le Restaurant - Amsterdam 2013 - Kloppendhard - Nathan Vennekens

Food ‘party’.

There is one set six-course menu, but there is a lot of choice in wine. We had a wine arrangement, a different wine with each dish. The service is friendly, professional and informal. We started with a prosecco and the first amuses arrived, series of small flavour ‘explosions’, and each of them just wonderful. The main courses (fish for me, beef for my wife) were really spot-on. In summary: great food served with delicious wines. I totally loved their Chardonnay. As one of our last dishes, we had a lovely cheese platter, served with a 2003 late vintage port and roasted nut-bread. I normally do not like goat’s cheese, but this one was very good: it had a soft and creamy taste, unlike other goat’s cheese. Our delicious food ‘party’ ended with two desserts: a fruity dessert with home-made rhubarb ice cream, strawberry, raspberry, white chocolate and rose-water. The second dessert was a dark chocolate mousse with plum paste underneath and wine cream on top. Lastly, we had an espresso and green tea with a plate full of wonderful snacks, such as macarons, Turkish fruit, caramel cookie, ‘kletskoppen’ and freshly baked madeleines. ‘Le restaurant’ is the perfect place for a romantic dinner, celebrating a special event. It reminded us of our (still) number one restaurant: Beulings. We payed 240 euro at Le Restaurant, which is a bit high, compared to Beulings that has a very similar style and quality. Therefore, I rate Le Restaurant with a 8.7 out of 10.

Le Restaurant Le Restaurant fish Le Restaurant fish dish Le Restaurant dessert Le Restaurant chocolate Le Restaurant carrot Cornetto Le Restaurant beef Le Restaurant Amuse Le Restaurant Noordzee krab


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