Second Hand Rose (China 2013 #5)

A tourist bus by night in Shanghai

A tourist bus by night in Shanghai

We drove into the center of Shanghai by taxi. Many colored lights and laser beams are flashing everywhere around us. Enormous digital billboards showcase the latest fashion of expensive Western brands. It is clear that we exchanged the countryside for a huge business city. We had visited Shanghai before seven years ago, and now it is even more modern and Western, with more skyscrapers.

Review Restaurant DIANPING - Shanghai 2013 - Kloppendhard - Nathan Vennekens

Restaurant review: Dianping
The same night, we would meet two Dutch friends who live and work in Beijing, and who visited Shanghai as well. It was great seeing them again. We started with a late-night dinner in a modern-looking Chinese restaurant called “Dianping”. It is not a place to remember. We rate it with a 5,5.

Second Hand Rose

Second Hand Rose

Second Hand Rose 二手玫瑰
Jeroen, one of the Dutch friends, is a drummer in a Chinese rock band called “Second Hand Rose“, which is quite popular in China. They performed on the main stage of the Shanghai Strawberry Festival on 1st May. It was fun to hear how their fans, groupies and the press adored them.

NewWorldParty Shanghai

NewWorldParty Shanghai

Underground club
My parents went to the hotel after dinner, but it is Friday night, party night for us. We met Lin Di, who has lived in Shanghai her entire life. She is a very creative person: she is part of several bands playing different music instruments, she paints and teaches music. She is also very familiar with the underground club scene in Shanghai and took us to a underground club (The Mansion New World Party) located in the middle of a quiet, rich neighbourhood outside the city centre. You may only enter the club if somebody introduces you. We knocked on a certain door, and a doorman opened it.

NewWorldParty Shanghai

NewWorldParty Shanghai

Be quiet and dance Techno
“Come in quickly, quickly” the doorman said. “And be very quiet, shhht”. We quietly walked through a front garden towards the front door of a huge villa. We heard no music at all. Inside, we passed through another door, descended some stairs and suddenly, we were standing in a cozy basement turned into a chic club with green laser lights and the heavy sounds of techno music welcoming us. “This is the bomb”, I thought. There was a glass roof, and above it was a living room turned into a lounge area and bar. Next to this ‘living room’ was the garden with a swimming pool, beach sand and graffiti walls. But everyone had to be very quiet outside. Lin Di told us that the club is owned by a model agency located in the same villa. We had great fun and we danced till we dropped.


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