Coffee bar: Two for Joy (Amsterdam, 2013)


So I was thinking about what to do today. My wife suggested to go into town. What to do in town then, I wondered. And then I realized I didn’t have any coffee today. I started searching for the best coffee bars in Amsterdam and then found Awesome Amsterdam. I found a few coffee spots here that I hadn’t known about until now.


Coffee Bar: Two for Joy

We took our bikes and searched for coffee bar Two for Joy at Frederiksplein 29. It’s a bit hard to find but really worth a visit. Inside, the place is pretty big and they have a few seats outside. The atmosphere is relax and you don’t pay before but after you drink your coffees (a rare experience in Amsterdam). There is also free wifi. The coffee taste is smooth (we both had a latte). Next time I will try the black coffee. Our lemon pies were sweet and tasty too. Service with a smile, just what I needed on this Sunday. I rate this place with an 8 out of 10.



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