Coffee bar: Sweet Cup (Amsterdam, 2013)


At Sweet Cup, it’s all about three things: coffee, Sjef and experimenting with coffee. This is a tiny hidden coffee spot near the most touristic and busiest areas of Amsterdam: Leidse Square (Leidseplein in Dutch). There are just a few seats. The atmosphere breaths “join us and have fun“. The owners love to talk about their mission to roast their own coffee. They have a fancy looking coffee roaster.



Meet Sjef (the dog), the huge ‘sausage’ dog. It is obvious that he loves eating and has a good memory, because one visitor who once gave him some dog candy, was overwhelmed with a begging (=squeeking and jumping) Sjef.


Sweet cup

The taste of the coffee is smooth and light. While sipping coffee, another visitor started to play the guitar that was standing in a corner. We enjoyed our time here and checked out their coffee guides and newspapers. We also found out there is a coffee collecting card. After you visit all seven coffee bars and collect their stamps, you receive one free coffee. This is a place to hang out, talk (about coffee) and just have a great time. And of course they provide free WIFI. I rate Sweet Cup with an 8.5 out of 10.

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