Beachclub: Aloha (Wijk aan Zee, 2013)

One of the spots I go to for surfing is Wijk aan Zee. It’s near IJmuiden and the Tata Steel factory with huge clouds of smoke coming out of its chimneys. It’s also the start/end of the North Sea Canal. Massive container ships arrive or leave the harbour here.


Laid back beach place

On first thought, not a great place for some relaxation on the beach. Admittedly, if the wind is coming from the ‘wrong’ direction, it can be a bit smelly. However, the scenery has a raw and laid-back feeling to it. Surfers, skaters, dog-owners and whole families come to this place to chill at the beach.


Organic food

There are only three beach clubs here. This time we went to Aloha. It has an inviting warm atmosphere. Almost every dish on the menu is organic. The menu is simple: soup, Thai-dishes, burgers, pizza, pastries, cocktails and good coffee. We had Pizza Margherita with Rucola and Pizza Aloha, which were tasty and crispy. The staff is friendly and the service fast. This is a place worth visiting after a long beach walk on a sunny day. I rate Aloha beach club with a 7.5 out of 10.


Reyndersweg 7, 1951 LB Velsen-Noord, Netherlands

Menu-Aloah-Wijk-aan-zee-kloppendhard Menu-Aloah-Wijk-aan-zee-kloppendhard-2 Menu-Aloah-Wijk-aan-zee-kloppendhard-3


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