Coffee bar: Trakteren (Amsterdam, 2013)


Trakteren is the Dutch word for ‘treat’. But it’s also the name of a small coffee bar in Amsterdam with just a few seats. When you enter the place, you are immediately standing in front of the bar. The three people behind the bar were so relaxed, they didn’t even asked me if I wanted to order something, which is a bit strange. They also didn’t say whether I had to wait standing or could sit down at one of the tables. So I had to ask, but they answered friendly that we could sit down and they would bring our coffee.


Latte art

New visitors were entering the place. They appear to be from the neighbourhood, because they are talking to the staff like old friends. A guy comes with our coffee. WOW! These guys know how to make latte art. I was a bit jealous of my wife, who had a super cute bear in her latte. But after tasting my V60 coffee, I was totally satisfied. And after this, I couldn’t resist ordering a latte too. And I had a bunny :).


Good time

When we left, one of the guys at the bar asked if we had a good time. Yes, we had! I rate this place with an 8 out 10.

coffee-bar-trakteren-amsterdam-kloppendhard-4 coffee-bar-trakteren-amsterdam-kloppendhard-5 coffee-bar-trakteren-amsterdam-kloppendhard-6 coffee-bar-trakteren-amsterdam-kloppendhard-2

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