Coffee bar: Headfirst (Amsterdam, 2013)


– moved to Westerstraat 150 since April 2014 –

While searching for this coffee bar, we passed it without noticing. From the outside Headfirst looks like a furniture shop. They actually sell vintage furniture in the attached Harvest&Co store. Once inside, you never want to leave this place. The atmosphere is industrial, fashionable, underground and at the same time very easy going.


Best espresso ever

The guys behind the bar are very young but have a great passion for coffee, and frequently attended barista contests. Nice detail: they roast their own beans. After my wife and I ordered our coffees, we took a dive into the many nice magazines. You can easily hang out here all day. Then our coffee and a huge caraf of (free) water arrived. When I tasted my espresso, my mind exploded. The taste goes from dry to fruity, with a really smooth finish. The best espresso I have had in my life. Awesome! By far my favourite coffee bar until now. I rate this place with a 9 out of 10.

coffee-bar-headfirst-amsterdam-kloppendhard-7 coffee-bar-headfirst-amsterdam-kloppendhard-3 coffee-bar-headfirst-amsterdam-kloppendhard-2 coffee-bar-headfirst-amsterdam-kloppendhard-1 coffee-bar-headfirst-amsterdam-kloppendhard-5

nathan vennekens


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