Taitung (Taiwan 2013 #4)

restaurant greenhouse taitung

We went to Taitung as a stopover to Green Island. We arrived in the evening. We took a taxi from the train station to Yes Hotel. We were tired and hungry. There are many small restaurants in Taitung, but it was difficult to find one at the time. Many restaurants were empty because it was around 20:30. We ended up in a small family restaurant where we chose some cooked vegetables and fish from a stall. It was fine, but nothing special. Some children were playing around, and the same children were serving us food and drinks.

dog at scooter taitung taiwan

Boring town

The town of Taitung has a local atmosphere. There are not many hotels and people do not speak English very well, although even here there are American restaurant chains such as McDonalds and Subway. There are also some bakeries, coffee places and a fruit market. All in all, this town is not very attractive for tourists, but the people are friendly.

Toyugi Hot Spring 2013

Toyugi Hot Spring

The next day in Taitung, we decided to go to a hot spring, the main attraction in this area. Many nearby hotels have their own hot spring facilities. We took a taxi to the Toyugi Hot Spring. It’s quite big and the facilities are fine. Almost all visitors are elderly people. We enjoyed our afternoon of relaxation.

restaurant greenhouse taitung

‘Quentin Tarantino-movie’ at restaurant Greenhouse

On our way back, we had dinner in a small wooden restaurant (Greenhouse, 綠房子). It felt like we stepped into a Quentin Tarantino-movie; the wooden interior was old and very simple. The place was also filled with mosquitos. They used incense to keep the mosquitos away, which was fine, but just to be sure we also used our own mosquito-repellant (which had a strong lemon smell). The dishes were nothing special, but healthy. The juices were nice. The owner’s kids spoke a little English and they were very curious and excited to have us. I rate this restaurant with a 6 out of 10.

restaurant greenhouse taitung restaurant greenhouse taitung restaurant greenhouse taitung

Address: At the corner of Waihuandao (hwy 11) Rd. and Chenggong Rd.(外還道與成功路路口)

Yes hotel Taitung

Yes Hotel (樂知旅店)

We stayed two nights at Yes hotel. It’s located in the town center near some shops, restaurants and not far from the harbour (by taxi). The room we stayed in was fine. Remember to bring your mosquito-repellant. The staff doesn’t speak English very well (the manager speaks a little bit). The staff is a bit uninterested. It’s a simple two-star hotel. If you have time to explore the scenery outside of Taitung, I think it’s worth to stay at Taitung. I rate Yes-hotel with a 5.5 out of 10.

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