Green Island, 綠島, #1 (Taiwan, 2013)


Green island (綠島) Sunset, Taiwan

We were warned about the boot trip to Green Island, by the Lonely Planet book. It takes 50-60 minutes from Taitung Harbour to Green Island. The tickets were bought by our B&B: 70 Corner. After we collected them at the harbour terminal, we went on board of the ‘fast ferry’. As we left the harbour, the ferry slowly shook from left to right and back and forth. The sea was restless, and so were the people. Our heads were spinning and our stomaches started complaining. Luckily, we had taken our pills against travel sickness.

Taitung harbour - Taitung - Taiwan

Taitung harbour – Taiwan

Puke bags

Before departure, we had taken some of the free plastic ‘puke bags’ hanging above the seats, as a precaution. A few minutes after departure, one guy was already restless and another few minutes later, he couldn’t hold himself any longer. After the first guy started, many other followed him, with the same dirty sounds and smells. Needless to say, this was not a relaxing boat trip. After 30 minutes, my wife was also sick, despite the travel sickness pill. With sweaty hands and a ‘green’ feeling, we finally arrived at Green Island.

Hulien ferry - Taitung - Taiwan

Taitung ferry  – Taiwan

Not enough money

After we were picked up by someone from the B&B, it started to rain heavily. We couldn’t rent a scooter, because we didn’t have a Taiwanese or international driver’s license. We could rent an electric bicycle instead, which looked like a scooter and went almost as fast. After we paid for the B&B, we did not have much money left. On our supersonic electric bikes, we had a very wet ride to the only bank on the whole island, only to find out that this local bank and its ATM did not accept our cards. Conclusion: we could not withdraw any money, and we did not have enough money to live on.

Taitung ferry tickets to Green Island

Taitung ferry tickets to Green Island

Credit card

Luckily, the friendly owner of the B&B, Kwan, helped us out. After making some calls, she took us to a certain hotel by car. In the hotel, we could withdraw some cash with our credit card (and pay a 10% service fee). We were very happy that we finally had some money, and we celebrated with a huge lunch in one of the island’s restaurants.

Green Island (綠島, Ludao)

Green Island (綠島, Ludao), Taiwan

By the end of the afternoon, it finally stopped raining. We drove around the island on our bikes and enjoyed the island’s beautiful green rocky mountains and the blue Pacific Ocean.

Local bank cards only at Green Island Taiwan

Local bank cards only at Green Island Taiwan


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