Green Island, 綠島 #2 (Taiwan, 2013)

Nature at Green Island (綠島) - Taiwan

Nature at Green Island (綠島) – Taiwan

Green Island (Lu Dao, 綠島) is a very green and tropical island. I am sure this is because of the great amounts of rain. We woke up by the sounds of water splashing heavily on our windows, and the ‘tokking’ neighbouring chickens, who did not seem to be bothered by the rain at all.

Cleaning dolphin fish

Cleaning dolphin fish

Dolphin fish dish

Dolphin fish dish

Dolphin fish

With our tiny Chinese quality umbrellas, we walked to a breakfast place near our B&B, for which we had received 100 Taiwan Dollar coupons. This may sound like a lot of money, but it is actually not enough to have one proper breakfast. We had white bread with omelet and shared one soy milk. The food was a bit tasteless. A bit dissappointed about the weather and breakfast, we slowly walked back to our B&B. We passed a local place that appeared to be a restaurant and housed a professional diving instructor at the same time (Jane’s house / HallOcean Dive). There were signs that said “food, coffee, dive”. We asked if we could buy some coffee. Although the place was closed in the morning, the owner invited us inside anyway. We said we would be back in a minute to get some cash at the B&B, but the owner said: “You don’t have to pay for the coffee. Come inside and let’s have a nice talk.” At that moment, the best part of our holiday was about to start.

Syphon coffee at restaurant janes house - Green Island (綠島) - Taiwan

Syphon coffee at restaurant Jane’s house – Green Island (綠島) – Taiwan

Awesome Taiwan people

Us with some awesome Taiwanese people


Finding Nemo

We made some new friends there and they learned us how to prepare slow drip coffee (syphon coffee) – which we liked to much that we bought a siphon in Taipei – and they told us stories about the island. We also had Dolphin fish (not to be confused with Dolphins) for lunch at Jane’s house, which was fresh and tasty. The next morning, I would swim with our friends in the cold harbour water in the early morning (way too early for my wife). Later that day, we chilled out in the Zhaori salt water hotspring (绿岛朝日温泉) while watching the stars and listening to the ocean waves. We also had the chance to try our new snorkle sets and saw many beautiful coral reefs and fishes, including ‘Nemo fish’.


Crowded weekend

With our cool electric bikes, we discovered the beautiful nature of Green Island. But then the weekend started, and the island was filled with crowds and scooters. People were still relaxed, but the many scooters and organised snorkle/diving groups made the island less peaceful. However, it is still easy to avoid the crowds by going off the (one and only) main road of the island. And so we did. We even thought about taking one of the two walking trails on our slippers, but the path was slippery due to the rain and we saw many spider webs. We decided not to go continue on this path.




For lunch and dinner, we tried different restaurants in the village near the harbour. They are not very different from each other. Their menus are all pretty much the same. The (raw) fish dishes dominate the menus, but they also serve vegetables, pork, chicken and tofu. The food is simple, cheap and tasty.

Green Island - Taiwan-13

Green Island - Taiwan-14


Our 3 days of Green Island passed by all too quickly. While saying goodbye to this island, I make a wish. I wish that local people and tourists will not destroy this beautiful place on earth. I didn’t like the many scooters that were already polluting the air, or the local deers that were kept on a very short rope, serving as an eye-catcher in front of stores, or the souvenir shop of the local prison, or the (mostly Chinese) tourists, disrespectfully tramping on the beautiful nature. This place earns to be handled with respect and care. I thought about this on our way back. We were happy that the much-feared ferry trip back to the ‘mainland’ of Taiwan was not bad at all.


Review: B&B 70 Corner

The B&B is small and only a handful of rooms. The owner, Kwan, is very friendly but she does not speak English very well (or she is very shy). Her dog Jennifer is sweet and playful, and likes to bark to the waves. However, we were advised not to pet her (to avoid getting bitten…). The B&B is located on the beautiful North part of the island, which is 15 minutes by electric bike or scooter from the busy harbour. It’s all very quiet from 22:30 to 6:30 hours. Life on the island starts early, like in the rest of Taiwan and China. The neighbours also start talking/yelling early, and the chickens demand their food around the same time. If you are a light sleeper, I suggest you put in earplugs, or just wake up early for a morning swim in the empty harbour around the corner. The rooms are simple, with airconditioning and fine beds. There is no elevator. The B&B does not serve breakfast itself, but gives you NTD 50 coupons per person per day for a local breakfast place that is on a 5-minute walk distance. You would not miss it if you skipped this breakfast, because it is not very good. But everyone needs breakfast, so just go ahead and try it.
I rate B&B 70 Corner with a 7 out of 10.

Green Island (綠島) - Taiwan- Green Island (綠島) - Taiwan- Green Island (綠島) - Taiwan

Green Island (綠島) - Taiwan

Green Island (綠島) – Taiwan

Green Island (綠島) - Taiwan

Green Island (綠島) – Taiwan

Green Island (綠島) - Taiwan

Green Island (綠島) – Taiwan

Green Island (綠島) - Taiwan

Warning signs on Green Island (綠島) – Taiwan

Tsunami sign - Green Island (綠島) - Taiwan

Tsunami sign – Green Island (綠島) – Taiwan

Swimming in the harbour of Green Island (綠島) - Taiwan

Swimming in the harbour of Green Island (綠島) – Taiwan Green Island - Taiwan-16 green-island-jenifer-dog-nathan-vennekens Jennifer, the B&B dog

Prison as tourist attraction at Green Island, Taiwan

Prison as tourist attraction at Green Island, Taiwan

Trapped deer in front of store at Green Island

Trapped deer in front of store at Green Island

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