Restaurant: One * (Roermond, 2013)

restaurant one roermond

My father didn’t know anything about our sneaky plan to celebrate his birthday in a one Michelin-star restaurant. We made a reservation for an eight course tasting menu months in advance.


ECI Factory Roermond

Old factory

Restaurant One is located in the former ECI factory (Electrocal Chemical Industry). Definitely the most awesome dinner location I have ever been to. The building is turned into a cultural centre and they kept many original elements such as the old walls and the graffiti, which give it a Berlin-kind of feeling. Pretty promising so far.

Cocktail restaurant One

Cocktail restaurant One

Original drinks

The welcome was friendly and my dad received birthday wishes from the chef’s girlfriend. We started with a non-alcoholic aperitif. A sweet mix of red fruit, cranberries and some fruity cream. With the drink came cheese cookies and some crisps. I took a while before our first dish came: sauerkraut soup. The soup was fine. The staff, however, did not take away our cocktail glasses and forgot to ask if we wanted to drink something else.


Oyster dish

Delicious oysters

It took another while before we had our next dish: oysters prepared in two ways. This was a delicious dish. It made me wanting more of it. One waiter asked my sister if she wanted to drink something. She chose another non-alcoholic cocktail. The staff is brilliant with those drinks. However, the rest of us was not asked for any new drinks, which is weird. We had to ask ourselves, and this continued for the rest of the evening. At one point, we asked a waiter what the upcoming dishes were. He did not know and he had to asked the kitchen twice (!). The suggested wine was perfect, but they did not have us taste the wine before pouring in.

carrot dish at restaurant one

Simple carrot dish

Varying quality

Other dishes we had were: raw salmon, mushroom risotto, deer, scallops in five ways (of which the sauce was a bit too sour). My dad does not eat meat, and received two times a dish with cod, which is strange. It is also a pity that this restaurant serves foie gras. We regretted that we did not tell them that we do not like this kind of ‘forced feeding’ food. My father and I (we both do not eat meat) had a carrot dish with burned ferns instead. Although it is original to serve a dish with ferns, the dish itself is too simple and not restaurant-worthy.

Foie gras restaurant one

Foie gras

Bad service

The ones that chose the sweet dessert instead of the cheese were lucky. Two delicious desserts finished the evening with a bang. After the dessert, some of us drank tea. Although they have a nice tea selection, it is a pity that it does not come with any friandise (small sweet, cookie or chocolate). I also do not understand why they did not do anything special for my father’s birthday and retirement, although we explicitly mentioned this in our reservation. When we left the restaurant, we had to wait a couple of minutes until someone came with our coats.

Cot dish restaurant one

Cod dish

Not Michelin-star worthy

We had a good time in restaurant One, but the service is not good. Some dishes were awesome, but some are not worth a Michelin star. The price-quality ratio is not in proportion. The R&B music does not fit the setting. The food is fine, but I will not come back here. I rate restaurant One with a 7 out of 10.

Birthday guy

Birthday guy

cheese cookies restaurant one

Cheese cookies

Dessert at restaurant one



Scallop dish

Scallop dish


Curry dish

Curry dish

Mushroom risotto

Mushroom risotto


Dessert at restaurant One

Dessert at restaurant One

Dessert at restaurant One

Dessert at restaurant One


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