Flat tyre on our way to Devon (South England 2013 #1)

Run flat at the border of calais to England

Flat tyre at the border Calais-England

Early in the morning, my friend P. and I started our trip to South England, for a week of relaxation and hiking. In Calais, we took the Eurotunnel train. After passing customs, we were waiting in line for entering the train. We were in a good mood and played some massive drum & bass tracks in the car. Then someone knocked on our car window. “Great music guys”, the man said, after we opened the window. Then he continued: “you seem to have a flat”. And indeed, one of our tyres was flat.


Temporary fix

After discussing the problem with the crew, we had to wait for a mechanic. But it took so long, that we started to fix the tyre with the repair system on board. With this temporary fix, they let us on board of the train. In Dover, the local Kwik-Fit replaced our tyre in 20 minutes. Four hours later, we were driving in beautiful Dartmoor natural park, to our bed & breakfast in Yelverton.


Restaurant review: The Moguls Palace

We decided to visit South England after my parents told us their plans to go there. After we had arrived at out B&B, we drove to the campingsite at Buckfast, where my parents stayed. We had dinner together at Indian restaurant: The Moguls Palace in Buckfast Leigh. We all had shrimp curry, and my dad had a vegetarian curry. From the outside, the place looks terrible but inside it’s pretty cozy. There is a big television screen displaying Bollywood music videoclips. The service is friendly. I can’t compare this restaurant with other Indian restaurants, because I don’t go to Indian restaurants very often. But the food was nice and fresh. I rate this place with a 7 out of 10.

run-flat-kwikfit-dover-nathan-vennekens run-flat-calais-nathan-vennekens

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