Difficult walk at Welcombe Mouth (South-England 2013 #4)


Today, we decided to go for a difficult hike. Welcombe Mouth was described as a beautiful coastal spot that is difficult to reach. It’s located near the border between Devon and Cornwall. It took u a while to find it. We drove on very narrow roads and passed some pittoresk villages, and then we found a sign. We drove further on a sandy road and finally we arrived at a parking with a view on the beautiful and dramatic looking cove.



We started walk No. 47 of the “50 Walks in Devon” booklet (ISBN 978-0-7495-6049-2) / edition 2011). The first part (2-3 hours) of the track was a steep hill up and down walk. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the beautiful environment and the warm sun. Once we arrived at a church, we were lost. The booklet did not clearly explain the second part of the walk. After some discussion and efforts to find our way back, we were finally back on track again. It took us one hour extra, including a walk through a field full of cow shit.


Smashed car window

When we returned to the car, we were tired. The clear blue ocean looked very attractive to take a dive in. Since it was ebb, we could see the underlying reef structures. I had never seen anything like this before. We went back to the car to get our swimsuits. And then…we discovered someone¬† smashed the back window of my car. It was a complete mess. Glass everywhere, and a dent in the back door. Although the small parking lot was full, nobody had seen anything. Perhaps someone threw a rock from the roadside above and accidentally hit my car. Nothing was stolen, however. After having returned to civilization, and our mobile phones functioning again, we made a few calls. The next day, Autoglass helped us by putting temporary foil on the window frame.

the-bakers-oven-buckfastleigh-uk-2013-kloppendhard-nathan vennekens

Restaurant The Bakers Oven

Despite this ‘scratch’ on our holiday, we decided that it should not affect our good moods. We drove to Buckfastleigh, where we had dinner in restaurant ‘The Bakers Oven’. It’s a small place that serves good food for a reasonable price. The portions are quite large. It all tasted good and the owner was very friendly and made us laugh a lot. It’s one of those lucky finds. I rate this place with an 8 out of 10.


The Bakers Oven – 71 Fore Street, Buckfastleigh, Dartmoor National Park TQ11 0BS, England T: +44 (0) 1364642531


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