Carnewas beach and Newquay (South-England 2013 #5)

Carnewas South Engeland

This morning, we were waiting for a call from the lease company. The window of my car that had been smashed by a rock needed to be repaired as soon as possible. We didn’t receive a call and decided to call ourselves. They weren’t able to get a new window in time. The only thing they could do was to send us to Autoglass in Plymouth to remove glass splinters and seal the window off with a temporary foil.

Fix by Autoglass Plymouth

Autoglass Plymouth

We waited while they ‘fixed’ the car. After less than an hour we could hit the road again. The disadvantage was that we couldn’t drive with open windows anymore.

Carnewas South Engeland


Although our day started a bit later than the other days, we still had time to go to Carnewas beach for another walk. The green fields were ended by 90 meter high cliffs, resulting in an insanely beautiful coastline. The white sandy beaches only appear at low tide (so be careful with upcoming tides). Swimming is not really allowed here due todangerous currents and best not to walk near the cliffs’ edges due to loose rocks. However, this shouldn’t withhold you from visiting this beautiful place!

Restaurant Little Kahuna

Restaurant Little kahuna, Newquay

After a 2 hour walk, (Walk 22 from the AA booklet: 50 Walks in Cornwall) we went to Newquay for dinner at restaurant: Little Kahuna. It’s a simple Thai restaurant. We ate dishes such as fresh scallops, some sort of wraps and curry with fresh seafood. We were surprised they also had nice Cornish beer. We rate Little kahuna with a 7 out of 10. By the way, Newquay itself is a very touristic place.

Restaurant Little Kahuna Restaurant Little Kahuna Restaurant Little Kahuna

Carnewas South Engeland

Carnewas South Engeland

Carnewas South EngelandCarnewas South Engeland Carnewas South Engeland Carnewas South Engeland Carnewas South Engeland



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