Restaurant Bord’Eau ** (Amsterdam, 2014)

Restaurant Bord'Eau

What you are about to read below, is a short story about the best restaurant I have ever been to so far. Our friend Lisja, who runs restaurant Beulings in Amsterdam, recommended us to visit restaurant Bord’eau for lunch, which is reasonably priced (for a 2 Michelin star restaurant), but is only offered on working days.

Restaurant Bord'Eau

Decor and service

Bord’eau is situated in the luxurious 5-star hotel l’Europe in Amsterdam. The welcome was very friendly. The dining room looks classic with a few modern aspects. We were one of the first visitors that afternoon, but unfortunately there was no table at the window available (it appears those seats are very popular and need to be explicitly asked for in the reservation, which we didn’t). When the room slowly filled up that afternoon, we noticed that we were (by far) the youngest visitors. The audience was a mix of business people, somewhat spoiled-looking tourists and elderly people. The staff treated us in a friendly and somewhat more informal way, we think because of our age. This made us feel comfortable and relaxed.

Restaurant Bord'Eau

Although there were many waiters (we counted about 7 different waiters!), this didn’t bother us and there was no miscommunication amongst them.

Restaurant Bord'Eau


We chose the three course lunch menu (€ 38,- p.p.). We had dishes such as lobster role, oyster creme, a pastry with cheese and black truffle. As a main course, we had a fish dish (we forgot what kind of fish it was, we think it was brill, ‘griet’ in Dutch). Without asking, we were told by a waiter that our portion of the main course was considered too small (by the chef?), so we received the main course twice (however, the second dish came with some small adjustments). The finishing touch of our fabulous lunch was the famous ‘sugar blown’ apple creation, with a core made of apple ice sorbet and chocolate ‘apple seed’. It was absolutely beautiful! The taste of every dish was extremely intense, in a good way. The cooking style is innovative and yet the products seem to be pure. The wine card they have is insane: more than 65 pages long!

Restaurant Bord'Eau


After we were finished, we felt like we wanted to stay forever. “If we had a good time”, the waiter asked. We both smiled and thought the same: this is worth 10 points out of 10. The damage: € 114,50 including water and three glasses of wine.

Restaurant Bord'Eau

Restaurant Bord'Eau


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