The Amsterdam coffee festival 2014

Amsterdam Coffee event 2014

As a child, I did not like coffee at all. I remembered the times I went on holiday with my parents, mostly to France. The car trips were long and boring, and there were only a few music cassettes we could listen to. Once in a while, my parents stopped at a gas-station for a shot of caffeine. I could not figure out why they wanted something awful like coffee, of you could also have something delicious such as soft-drinks, which we were not allowed to have either.

Latte art at Amsterdam Coffee Event 2014

First coffee festival Amsterdam

Back then, I could not imagine that I would eventually love coffee and visit a coffee event, almost 22 years later. I knew that there are coffee events in London since a few years. But this weekend, a first edition was kicked off in Amsterdam.

wish wall amsterdam coffee event 2014

Event setup

Together with a cool Sogeti colleague, I went to the NDSM-warf in Amsterdam North to visit the ‘black gold’ event. The location of the event is very industrial, which is pretty awesome. Sometimes, there are even techno parties on this location. The setup of the event is small. The smaller, local coffee brands organized themselves in one stand, in which they sold their lovely coffee beans. The bigger coffee and milk brands had their own stand.

Latte art

First, we tried a coffee from Panama and Kenia, from Boot Koffie. I was not impressed. The spicy BOCCA coffee from Sumatra I had later, was much richer and tasted quite awesome. We also saw a coffee making competition and my colleague did a 4-minute speed course of latte art. At the latte art place, they also did a crazy experiment in which coffee latte (art) was created in some guy’s mouth…

Wostok at Amsterdam Coffee event 2014


Besides coffee, there were also other products on offer, such as a cool limonade brand: Wostok. They make organic limonade inspired by an original Russian cold war drink (Baikal) as a respons to the Western cola brands. Wokstok is the name of the drink and it refers to the Russian space program to land on the moon.

amsterdam coffee event 2014 brandt levie baq fiets koffieworst

Coffee sausage

Coffee goes well with sweet pastries. There were enough places to buy delicious pies at the coffee event. Also, there were many stands offering organic food such as coffee sausage (!), indonesian food, and sushi. The vibe was relaxed, with live music, and many coffee nerds (like myself). It was great to spend some time at this festival. When we left in the afternoon, it became more crowded. We were happy that we visited the event in the early morning instead of the afternoon.

Headfirst and White label at Amsterdam Coffee event 2014 Amsterdam Coffee event 2014 Delicious pie at Amsterdam Coffee event 2014 Sweet cup at Amsterdam Coffee event 2014 Suzanne Bakema espresso at Amsterdam Coffee Event 2014 bocca at amsterdam coffee event Brewers cup  at Amsterdam Coffee Event 2014

Mouth Latte art at Amsterdam Coffee Event 2014

Mouth Latte Art at Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2014


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