Review Restaurant Hemelse Modder (Amsterdam, 2014)

Restaurant Hemelse Modder

Once in a while, we meet up with my (ex-)colleagues who I went on business trip with to Ohio during our introduction training, three years ago. It’s a cool group and there is always an instant natural connection when we see each other again.

soup at restaurant Hemelse Modder

Heavenly mud

Mostly we go out to have dinner, and we did the same last Friday. The restaurant we went to is called “Hemelse modder“. When literally translated into English it means: heavenly mud, named after a typical chocolate mousse. The restaurant is located in the middle of Amsterdam. It looks modern and cozy, and the place has quite some seats.

shrimps at Restaurant Hemelse Modder

Bad service

Although the welcome was friendly, the service was not very good. Everybody was in a hurry, and some staff were a bit snappy.

fish dish at restaurant Hemelse Modder

Disappointing food

We chose the ’30-year celebration’ 4-course menu. All courses were with fish and seafood. All dishes, except for the mussel soup, were quite disappointing. The fish did not taste fresh and the combination with the vegetables and fried stuff that looked like pancakes, was not very good. The others had a pork dish. They were not impressed either, because the pork was too salty and tough. The white house wine was fine. But the worst of all was that their signature dessert, chocolate mouse, was horrible. I actually didn’t finish it.

Restaurant rating

The price of 46 Euro per person was too high for the dishes we had. It’s a pity, because we had expected much more of this restaurant. Unfortunately, I rate Hemelse Modder with a 4 out of 10.

Nathan Vennekens


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